Art Wednesday: Leonid Afremov

Three Red - this is one of my favourites

Artist: Leonid Afremov
Place of birth: Vitebsk, Russia (1955) - moved to Israel in 1990, USA in 2002 and now lives in Mexico

For his life history (which is very interesting and lengthy) - check out his link

Famous for his palette work (he generally doesn't use a brush), which is easy to see in these paintings and those bright oranges and yellows - his paintings are unmistakable.  Interestingly, Afremov does not hold exhibitions (or have involvement with dealers or galleries) and promotes his own works and sells many via the internet, including eBay.  I like this art, its bold and colourful, however I would like to see more works in different colours such as in "Evening Charm" or "Downpour" (below). 

Downpour - can't you just feel the rain splashing on your legs - he has captured the falling rain so well.  I really like this painting
Autumn park
Red bouquet
Blue light
Evening charm
Old street


  1. Amazing, he really knows how to capture the scene of rain! Have a lovely day there today! I see Canberra weather and think of! xxx

    1. Thank you Sarah. The weather looks lovely today and was perfect over the weekend .

  2. Yes, I like his work ~ especially Blue Light & Eternity. He does rain brilliantly & I always enjoy his wet splashy pictures! ☺

  3. beautiful but quite bright I think! not sure if this is something I would pick out from among others if I had the choice:)

  4. I wouldn't choose this style of painting as a favourite, but I really love these paintings you've put up here - I love the colours - a lot of these paintings remind me of autumn because of the reds and yellows; he really seems to like his warm colours! :)

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love the rich colors in them. The rain paintings are particularly pretty - so many nice blues!


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