Art Wednesday: Varvara Harmon

Yellow Tulip - a golden bath of sunlight
Artist: Varvara Harmon
Russian born, living in Maine, USA

Varvara Harmon was born and raised in Volzshk. She began painting in her childhood and was a student at the Volzshk Art School, where she graduated with a Diploma in Art Studies. Varvara's career goals briefly turned from the arts towards the earth sciences. While pursuing this interest, she studied geology at the Moscow Geological Exploration Academy, where she earned a Degree in Geological Studies.

After graduation, Varvara worked as a geologist - work that brought her to some of Russia's most spectacular wildernesses. It was during this time, with so many opportunities to see Russia's wild beauty that Varvara returned to painting landscapes. While in Russia, Varvara participated in many regional art exhibitions and also had the honor of being the first artist ever to put on a solo exhibition at the Museum of V. E. Lenin in the City of Kazan, Russia.
Silk Rose - I love the way the light falls on the silk - I almost want to reach out and touch it.
Varvara immigrated to the United States in 2001 and moved to Maine. New England, especially Maine, is a place whose lands, inland waters, coast and people have inspired many of her recent paintings. While the majority of these works are done with oil, she also creates with acrylic, watercolors and pencil. Although landscapes are still her favorite subject, Varvara also does still life paintings, portraits, and she accepts commissioned work. Check out her website for further examples of her works (link).

Orange plate - would you like one, they look juicy.
These first paintings are done with oils and are quite different to her lanscape paintings. These are bold and bright and I love them!!
White tulips - Varvara completed a set of waterdroplet paintings, I have included 3.  These are some of my favourites.

Waterdrop 2 - I love taking photos with water droplets.
Water drops 3
Birch trees on Long Lake- how different is this to the one above.
Golden Clouds
Ocean Surf - oils
Spring orchard - oils

Leisurely Evening
Autmn birch leaves
Monhegan Buoys

As usual there is too many paintings I like, but I can't include them all - so I will stop here and if you like her work, pop over to Varvara's website as there are many more lovely paintings to look at.


  1. oh WOW, Jo!! I *love* this artist's work! It's amazing and beautiful! I really love all these paintings, but the top two flower ones and the sunset/sunrise ones are especially beautiful. I really love those golden tulips, and WOW on the roses and silk!!

  2. Those are exquisite! I love her name -- must be Russian for "Barbara."

  3. She is very good!
    I particularly like the lovely roses with that play of light and shadows!
    Just beautiful.


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