Secondhand books

Books - I own far too many and don't really have any space for any more.  However, that didn't stop me from buying more on Friday.  My son and I had a lovely time at the book fair and bought an array of books and DVDs that will keep us all happy for quite some time. 

"The Artist Revealed" is an interesting look at self portraits and one I am really going to enjoy - I might even do an Art Wednesday based around the book. The old cookbook is called "The Lily Wallace New American Cookbook" (1941) and full of those wonderful recipes of times long gone.  Some recipes contain a lot of shortening, very unhealthy by today's standards!!

The little blue book is called "Australian Short Stories" was published in 1951 and I'm looking forward to read these stories.  Most of the stories were ones I had never heard before.
"Females on the Fatal Shores" covers the lives of 12 courageous women who sailed to Australia in the early years of the colony. These include Elizabeth Macarthur and Eliza Forlinge (both sheep farmers), convict women Esther Abrahams and Mary Reibey (now on our $20 note), several servant women and a aristocratic lady who ended up living in a wooden shack surrounded by mud (Georgiana  McCrea) and  - as you can see, this will be an excellent read.  The second book is called "A History of Reading" (which included one of my favourite paintings on the cover) is just that, a history of reading through time, perfect for me!! 
"Potato and Rice" is a very large hard covered book full of recipes, for $8 it was a very good find and I can't wait to start going through it and tagging recipes I would like to make.  My son wanted a book on Spanish cooking and I bought the "German Cooking" for my eldest son as he likes to cook German food - unfortunately he won't be able to cook Biberschwanz which required Beaver tail or Barenfilet in Burgunder as that needs 1 fillet of bear and Wildschweinrucken is also off the menu as that required 2 lb of wild boar cutlets!!  I like to try my hand at Jewish cooking and this one is by region.
Quite a while ago I read Xinran's first book called "The Good Women of China" - even though a moving story of these women, it was funny and uplifting at the same time. I look forward to reading her new book "Miss Chopsticks" which is about migrant women in China.

The two older books are by an Australian author I had never heard of - E. V. Timms (1895-1960) - from what I can find out, he was a popular author of his times and wrote about Australia. These 2 books are 4 and 5 in a series, so I might have to find books 1-3 before I can read them!!  Has anyone heard of this author?  The "Worlds Greatest Buildings" just looked interesting.
Who could go past a brand new copy of "Desserts all around the year" - I wonder why the person who owned it previously got rid of it - it looked like it had never been open.  Perhaps one look at the title was enough to frighten them!!

As to "Nourishing Traditions-the cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and diet dictocrats"- I have read a number of blogs where ladies have raved about this book and if you check out Amazon it gets 100's of 5 stars. I haven't read it yet, just skimmed over parts, it looks like an interesting read and the recipes sound good - back to basis cooking - cooking everything from scratch. Has anyone read this book? It was only $2, so if I don't like it, it wasn't a huge expenses. Interestingly, this book also looked like it had hardly been read.

So, that was my shopping and I am pleased with what I got. My husband loved his DVD's and a book about Dobermans, my son loved his cookbooks (I gave him the Jewish one plus the German cookbook - and he laughed at the meat he would need for some recipes) and is looking forward to borrowing the boxset of Alfred Hitchcock thrillers that I picked up and now I have to find homes for all of them and that can be tricky!


  1. Looks like you had fun! I can never resist an interesting book either. I'm not sure how you feel about Russian history, but I'm reading Robert Massie's Catherine the Great right now, and am completely fascinated.

    1. Funny you mentioned Russia, I have just finished watching a 5 part DVDseries called "Russia, A Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby" made in 2008. It was excellent, made by the BBC. I studied Russian history at school and found it fascinating .

  2. Wow, no beaver tail, eh? Why not?!!! Just kidding. That is funny.

    Oh, yes, Nourishing Traditions is a WONDERFUL book! So glad you could find a copy for that cheap! Mine is falling apart from the use. It is way more than just a cookbook, but will teach you all about what is really in our foods, and what is good for you and what is not.

    1. I wonder what beaver tail would taste like - they aren't very big!!

  3. LOL!! That is funny about the German recipes!!!

    So many of those books sound great, Jo - I will be very interested to hear about them as you get through them and try some recipes! I hope you will share about them on your blog!! :)

  4. Wow - what a great haul, Jo!
    They all look like very interesting books.
    I was just talking to my hubby about Passover meal plans this morning - my Jewish cookbooks will be trauled through soon for some new dishes for this year.
    Well, you and your son seem set for some lovely reading sessions.

  5. I've heard a lot about nourishing traditions too and would love to hear your thoughts on it after you read it:) enjoy your new second hand books!

  6. I will - it is a big book so will take me sometime to get through.


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