The cat is in charge

This weekend is a long weekend and I plan to make the most of it.  It will be sunny . . . something I haven't seen in a long time . . . no rain, wow, that will be something different. As a result I am taking a mini break from blogging and will be back on Tuesday.  In my absence, the cat will be in charge. 

Don't panic, I am sure she will do a great job.

Remaining completely focused on my blog and make sure nothing bad happens.

Enjoy the weekend:) 
Don't forget to laugh lots, dance around the kitchen, eat something bad and have fun with the family. 


  1. Funny! :)
    Enjoy your weekend too Jo!

  2. Yes, you enjoy the sunshine, Jo!!
    What a welcome sight it is :-)

  3. Another long weekend??! :) Enjoy it - it should be lovely weather for a change!! :)

    1. Canberra Day (!?!?!?) - The weather was beautiful today. I opened up the house and let in all the fresh air and sunshine and got rid of the smell of dampness. I also managed to get all the washing dried. It was so uplifting to finally have sunshine. On Monday I plan to garden - more correct, remove weeds.


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