Creating panoramic views on a smart phone

I have just discovered something really cool and I wanted to share it with you. For anyone with a smart phone or an iPad with a camera - check out the app "Photosynth" by Microsoft.  The app allows you to create panoramic views without much effort. The one below I took at my local vet this morning (Charlie needed her vaccinations done) - not bad for a few seconds of photograph and a little editing in Picnik. This doesn't work when you have lots of moving people as we soon discovered when we went and tried it at the Botanical Gardens this morning.

The room is empty as we had an early appointment.No longer after I took this shot, two dogs arrived. 

I took a few others but they are way too long and thin to post here but if you visit this link you will see one that is 360C - this is interactive and you can move it in the loop!

I'm off outside to enjoy the wonderful sunshine and put my feet up with a cup of tea and a chocolate slice.  Come join me:)


  1. That's pretty neat! What's interesting is that your vet office looks very similar to the one I go to for my cats.

  2. Perhaps vets all tend to look similar. This is a very nice vet, however our animals really don't like coming :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jo, I'll need to tell hubby, he would like this I think!

    1. My husband has been having lots of fun with it and produces far better photos to mine. Our trip to the Botanical Garden was for him to "practice".

  4. Hi Jo- this is WAY cool! I'm going to check this out! I love panoramic photos!! Thanks so much!

  5. This is very cool indeed. Not that I have any need for it, though! :P


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