Five favourite potato recipes

1. Hasselback potatoes are a quick and easy way to cook potatoes that are a little bit different to the standard roast potato. This is the recipe I use (link).  I sometimes sprinkle Parmesan cheese near the end of roasting or some smoky paprika.

2. Mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese is great on special occasions - however I would reduce the amount of cheese if you are dieting and you can skip the cream cheese and use milk or cream instead!!! (link)

3. Cheesy potato bake is another easy meal to make and one my sons loved as children.  You can add bacon to this if you like or replace the potatoes with sweet potato.  I have even placed rings of tomato on top and baked. 

4. Potato Latkes are my son's favourite potato dish and one of the first things he learnt to make.  My dad use to make these on Sunday nights for dinner and we ate as many as he could possibly make.  The crisper the better and covered in tomato sauce - even though traditionally they should be eaten with apple sauce or sour cream.  I use matzo meal (which is the traditional Jewish ingredient), however you replace matzo with plain flour if you don't have any.  Dad also added mixed herbs to his recipe. These are traditionally eaten during the Jewish Hanukkah Festival - we ate them all year round as they are so good. This is pretty close to my recipe (link)

5. Mashed potato (link) is always a family favourite.  I like to add some cheese and garlic to  make it little more fancy and sometimes use cream instead of milk. 


  1. Latkes are wonderful! We eat these all year round too as my family all love them!

  2. Such a lovely selection, though I think I'd be hard pressed to pick just 5 favourite potato recipes - there are so many good ones out there!

  3. Potatoes any way are yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipes.

    1. My husband loves potatoes so I have to be creative, otherwise I would get a bit fed up with them!!!

  4. Wow! We hardly use potatoes but those look super yummy! I'd not heard of "latkes" until today:)

  5. Mmm... Yum!! I love the sound/taste of all of those - the only one I haven't made is #1.
    I made the latkes on our holiday and we ALL (Kath's family and mine) LOVED them!! :)
    Potatoes are fantastic. I really really enjoy them!


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