I is for ironing

I is for ironing

I'm not one for long hours over a hot iron as I don't like ironing very much. I iron clothes when I need them and not before.  I drip dry what I can and this reduces wrinkles, therefore less work.  I also like to buy clothes that require minimual ironing, therefore I never buy linen!

I hate to admit this (as I am going to look like a very poor wife) and where most ladies are wonderful homemakers, but my husband irons his own shirts and trousers, ok the secret is out.   We have been doing this way for 24 years and it works quite nicely. It all started when I messed up one of his shirts and he decided he would simply do his own (I was only 20 and not very good at ironing).

If I am going to write a blog story on ironing I should provide some tips - as I don't iron very often, I thought I would borrow some professional tips (source):
  1. Make sure your iron is hot enough for your fabric but not hotter. A too cool iron will not remove all the wrinkles, and one that is too hot can scorch or otherwise damage your fabric. Delicate fabrics may need to be ironed using a press cloth. A clean white flour-sack dishtowel will work.
  2. Use spray starch for extra crispness, but be aware that a heavily starched shirt may wrinkle more when worn and be uncomfortable as well. Use a light touch with spray starch for best results.
  3. Take your time. Hurrying can cause you to make mistakes.
  4. Keep a spray bottle of water handy. If you accidentally iron in a big wrinkle, lightly spray it with water, wait a minute or so and iron the area again.
  5. Keep the iron moving every few seconds when it’s on the fabric. You don’t want to scorch or burn a hole in your shirt.
  6. Don’t press a shirt that is not clean. Ironing a stain may set it in.
  7. Use the tip of the iron to work around buttons and the placket on the sleeves.
  8. When you’re finished ironing, empty the water from your iron while the iron is hot. This will reduce the moisture that remains in the water compartment. Allow the iron to cool before you put it away.
  9. Keep your ironing board pad clean and in good condition. Damage to the pad may transfer to your garments.

If I did iron I would probably enjoy it more if I watched a movie at the same time or listened to an audio CD or music. What do you do to make ironing more enjoyable?

And if you don't like ironing - here is a wonderful use for an ironing board !! (source)
The other use for an ironing board is this. All cats need one from time to time.


  1. Today, as I sit at work, a miracle is happening. When we arrive home, the ironing will be neatly folded on the bench, or hanging on the ironing rail. Amazing really. It happens each week without fail, and neither of us (wife or I) do a thing... :-)

    We believe that supporting the pensioner on a low income, by offering work, no matter how little, assists the community in a little way!!
    LL S

  2. I don't iron much either (don't have the need) and was never taught (like many things!), but these are some very good tips. I usually listen to some music when I iron.

  3. I usually listen to music while I iron, or chat with the family or watch the children's shenanigans!!

    As for ironing tips - I need ironing tips for tight sleeves/children's sleeves. They are almost impossible to iron nicely and this has frustrated me for years.
    Ideas, anyone? (I already have a dressmaker's ham - it doesn't work very well with tight sleeves.)

    1. I am told that a stream iron is the best solution and makes ironing much easier. I don't have one so I can't confirm this.

  4. Lol I don't iron either and my hubby has been ironing all his clothes since we got married almost 18 years ago, so you're not alone Jo:) another thing our husbands have in common:)

    1. I feel so much better:). Not the only one to get hubby to iron his own clothes.

  5. Jo - I'm even worse then you! My husband does all of the ironing in the house - his choice. Not that I mind, exactly....

  6. Okay, I couldn't help but LOL when you mentioned about not being a fan of standing over a hot iron. I must confess that I'm not very much of an Iron Queen either. I don't have very much patience in trying to get wrinkles out of clothing. So like you, I do it when necessary only.

    Don't feel bad about not doing your husband's clothes. For my husband's expensive work clothes, I (shamefully) take them to the cleaners to be dry cleaned and pressed. I would simply make a mess out of his clothes if I attempted to iron them myself. My husband is fine with this, and doesn't consider me to be a terrible wife for doing so.

    This was a fun article to read, Jo! :)

    1. I am discovering I am not alone with this at all!!

      My husband doesn't mind ironing his clothes at all - no grumbles. And like you said, if I ironed his fancy clothes I would do it all wrong and make things worse.

      All in all - how the ironing is done in our house works well and that is all that matters.


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