Message from the cat

Dear bloggers,

My mistress is currently relaxing - feet up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate.  Whilst she is enjoying herself, I have been busy looking after her blog and what a very tough job this is.   So, this is my opportunity to share some fabulous photos of me with you.  What do you think . . . gorgeous, beautiful, magnificent . . . you are probably speechless! 

These were taken in the bathtub - I just love to roll around in the cool bathtub, its' so much fun (until someone turns on the tap)!! and the white of the bathtub makes the perfect setting for these photos.

OK, not all work (don't tell the mistress about this) - relaxing by the front door. Don't all cats lie on their backs?

What does Charlie think she's doing - becoming a flower!!
We are now growing cats!!

Love from

PS hopefully these magnificent photos will end up on Project 365 - they are much better than today's photo of a bolt - who posts a photo of a gate bolt when they have photos of me??


  1. tee hee:) glad to know you're enjoying your holiday!

  2. LOL! :) We have a couple of cats that like the bathtub as well.

    Good show! I needed a few laughs this evening! :)

  3. Mara - I am glad I could help!!!

  4. Dear Ruby,

    You are very beautiful. Charlie is okay as well.



  5. Dearest Ruby- you are a blogger extraordinaire!! Love all of your photos. I think you should do a monthly column!


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