Art Wednesday: Robert Duncan

A morning hug
Artist: Robert Duncan
Born 1952

I came across this artist quite by accident when I was searching for a mother and child painting. I found just what I wanted in "The magic hour" and the further I looked the more I loved his artworks. Many of Robert Duncan's paintings are of mothers and children and he has captured ordinary moments so beautiful, such as in the one above "A morning hug".  Perhaps this is because he has watched his wife Linda bringing up their 6 children. 

Robert Duncan was born in Salt Lake City in 1952 and grew up in a large family of ten children.  His models are usually family members and friends from the area.  He spent the summers helping his grandparents on their 10,000 acre cattle ranch in Wyoming.

I can't decide which painting is my favourite, by the one below would have to be included - can't you just feel the summer sun setting and the air cooling as mother and her children collect flowers in the garden - chatting quietly to each other. I can. 

Do enjoy.

The magic hour
Our giant
Swept away
Mother and son - what do you think this mother is thinking, or is she dreaming of her sons future.
Farms are for kids - and how right he is!
Beautiful blondes
Down the garden path
Almost home
A quiet place
The sledging party
A bunch of carrots
The best time of day

To be honest, I could have kept on going with these beautiful paintings . . . I know I say this often, but with Robert Duncan's artwork, there was just so many I wanted to share with you.

Perhaps just one or two or three more paintings.

Lets sail away
Simple things
Peaceful evening - now, this is one of my favourites :)


  1. Sarah liked your paintings today! =)

  2. I am so glad , they are very pretty :)

  3. Love the girl with the carrots, something serious about her expression as she shows off the carrots (Nick note the Jerusalem artichokes in the background). The cow shots remind me of the farm days, though bringing the cows home in bare feet would not have worked! Beautiful art work.

  4. Gorgeous! You pick some great artists ! :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Such description.

  6. Ohhh, those are gorgeous!! SO beautiful! :)

  7. This man's artwork is exceptional! Even though there are a lot of really winsome pictures here that I like, I think my favorite is "The Sledding Party", and the reason is that it makes me smile inside because of the subtle humor. :-)

    I think the mother in the nightgown with her son is wondering if she can get everything done that day that she has to do. ;-) That's probably what my mother would have been thinking in a similar situation. hehe


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