Art Wednesday: Sueellen Ross

Peculiar Perspective by Suellen Ross - its's this a great painting!!

Artist: Sueellen Ross
Born: USA
Best known for her paintings of cats and dogs. 

This artist has really captured the expressions and emotions of these gorgeous creatures - just look at the painting about, how good is that!  It is also quite clear that this artist loves what she is painting.

Ross uses watercolours, indian ink and pencil in her pieces and has developed her own particular style of combining these different mediums. She has illustrated books, appears in calendars and her prints are very popular. 

Another favourite of mine . . . and an extra star for loving cats to!!

What do you think?

Between acts
Gracious Living
Subtle hint
Water baby
Midas Touch
Hard Day

First beach encounter
Bird and Birder
Iconic cat


  1. Iconic cat is my favourite of this lot... Such detail in the individual hairs in the fur and surrounds like the rug.

  2. I love the dog ones better, but they are all lovely.

  3. Hi Joluise,
    Thank you for showing these paintings......they are WONDERFUL.
    I love the cats...
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

    1. Barb, I also love cats, they are adorable:)


  4. Lovely paintings! My favorite is the one at the top! :-) Our own cat used to lie on the couch and look at the world upside-down now and then - a stage she apparently outgrew. :-)

    1. I also love that painting, the artist must have a cat that does it to.

  5. My favourites are Snooze and Water Baby. Very talented artist! :)

    1. I think the artist has been watching her pets closely as she really captured them so beautifully.

  6. Love the first one! I have a friend who has a cat that looks just like that. I just sent her a link to your blog to check it out.


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