Being content in our God given role.

by Daniel Gerhartz

 Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." 
Hebrews 13:5

Are you content in the role God has given you?

For those of you that are stay at home wives and mothers, your answer is highly likely to be yes. But would you be surprised that I will also said yes, I am content (and happy) in my role as a full-time worker outside of the home. God has placed me in a different role and I am content in the role I have been given.

I could grumble everyday at work and "wish" that I was at home doing all those things I want to do. But that isn't God's plan for me and it would be very wrong to covet what I don't have.  This would only lead to bad feelings, negative emotions, anger . . . and these things spread like a virus and infect the whole family. We all must find peace and happiness in our roles and I have.  This is my calling.

I think Daniel Dafoe in "Robinson Crusoe" puts it very nicely: I learned to look more upon the bright side of my condition, and less upon the dark side, and to consider what I enjoyed, rather than what I wanted; and this gave me sometimes such secret comforts, that I cannot express them; and which I take notice here, to put those discontented people in mind of it, who cannot enjoy comfortably what God has given them, because they see and covet something that He has not given them.” When I covet, I am robbed of enjoying that which I already have. I am not satisfied with what God has given me; I want what he has given you.

So why am I saying all this.  Because mums and wives at home mustn't assume that Christian working women are working for selfish worldly reasons and those at home should never feel embarrassed about what they do.  We have each been given a role and we must do the very best we can.  We need to be content and trust in the Lord for what He has provided . . . for me that means going off to work each day, for you, it means staying at home. We should not judge others as we are really judging Gods decision and questioning his plans for each of us. 

And for women who are at work and longing to be at home. Perhaps God has a different plan for you that you may not understand just yet. 

We are all given the strength we need . . . God gives me the strength I need to do all my tasks and you are given yours. I am often surprised at what I can accomplish, but I shouldn't be . . . God knows I need a little extra at the end of the day to complete my chores and He is so good and provides.

Lets encourage each other and not pull each other down. 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 
Philippians 4:13


  1. Dear Jo,
    I think you are right, although I do believe that God would have us re-evaluate at regular intervals that what we are doing is still what is right for us, as nothing we do is set in concrete for life. We need to address any changes we believe He would have us make in His strength and time, after we have spent time with God, prayed about the situation and had confirmation through His word. I do believe that we shouldn't do what is not right for us to do just because there is no one else doing that particular thing. I have seen that happen and it doesn't work for anyone involved. I also believe that if we do something we shouldn't be doing we hinder the one who should be doing that something from being blessed. Finally as wives we need to have the support of our husbands, who can also support us in many ways, not least by praying for us.

  2. amen love this post its so truth God has giving us all a tasks rather some moms work or others stay at home..both are important..thanks for making this statement..loves

  3. Absolutely, I agree with you Jo! it's always tempting to think the grass is greener on the other side! I was content when I worked though I looked forward to the day when I could stay home and be a mum and now I am content to be at home though I often wonder what I would do when I am no longer homeschooling Rebekah!

    1. When the time comes, you will find out!! I don't know what my future might be - but I love the verse in the Bible that tells us not to worry about tomorrow as that is taken care of. Just be content in your current role and enjoy every moment, which I am sure you are.

      Have a wonderful family time over the Easter long weekend.

  4. Beautiful post! I'm a working mom but I'd say that my heart longs to be home. My husband doesn't share that desire, so I continue to work outside of the home. I spent many years angry and frustrated about working. But God placed on my heart to "bloom where I was". I was wasting precious time being angry about not being able to stay home full-time. And also missing the blessings that already existed in my life. So while my situation is not exactly as I would like it, I trust in God's plan for my life. And acknowledge the joy and the blessings I already have. And just because I work, doesn't mean my family and my home are not my highest priorities. They are! And I'm fortunate to have a job that allows me to keep the needs of my family first.

    God bless,

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  5. You are quite right - even though we work, our family and home remain our highest priority and it is possible to do this whilst working, it just takes a little extra effort. Likewise, I also have a job that allows me to put my family first.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Hi Joluise,
    I've been in both positions over the years when my children were young.When I worked, I wanted to be home, and vice-versa. I spent a lot of time not appreciating what I had in life......a loving family.
    My children are grown with their own families and my 95yr Mum lives with me and my Hubby now. I'm glad to have this oportunity to share
    my life with Mum.
    Focusing on the joyful is what I do these days.
    I'm where I'm meant to be.
    Happy Easter
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  7. Hi!
    I just found your blog. It's beautiful! The artwork, photos, & your words are all lovely!

    Do you know where the artwork could be bought in print form?

    Thank you!

  8. Happy Easter Jo!
    May the joy of the Resurrection be yours today and always!
    love in Jesus..Trish

  9. Thanks Trish - may you and yours also have a wonderful Sunday :)

    I am spending it with my brothers who I am currently visiting.

  10. It's interesting that I fell on your blog today, and it hit home as I went back to work this week and my daughter is only 6 months, and I also have a 3 year old son. I spent the week crying and ignoring my husband, I think I am mad at the fact that he is not able to support us as a family and that I am obliged to work. I would love to be home and I am jealous of stay at home moms. All these negative feelings can't be good for my family, and through my sadness I have to try to see God's plan... I hope I understand one day.

    1. It can be so hard to understand, but being miserable and wishing what you don't have only makes it all far worse. That negative feelings you have will affect you children, your husband and your work, try to find the positive in every day. And lots of prayers, pray without ceasing:) and you get through even though now it makes no sense.

    2. thank you, I will try to pray more, I know I don't pray enough... and I will try to think of the positives

  11. It is so true. Prayer is the key that holds everything together, because without it we don't have a hope of being content in ANY situation. It is truly in Him alone that we find contentment wherever we are and whatever we're doing. And when we learn to be content, we will find ourselves blessed beyond measure. The Lord really does love us and want the best for us, even if we can't see it right away.
    Thanks so much for the encouragement and reminder, Jo.


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