L is for like

L is for LIKE 
(want, desire, must have, can't live without, to die for)

I could write a long list of things I would like, but do I need them?

More clothes - a girl can never have enough can she?
A long luxurious world trip
A bigger house on a larger block
Shoes, why not, the latest seasons
A diamond ring
More money - don't we all want so more?

No, of course not . . . but that doesn't stop me from occasionally dreaming about that holiday to Paris or a bigger home. 

My children always use to say "I really would like. . . "and my reply would be "is it a NEED or a WANT"? In most cases it was a WANT and therefore they could live without it, wait until a birthday or save up themselves.  Children learn at a very young age to ask for things they "desperately" want and unless you nip in the bud early, it can become a big problem.  We all know about pester power I am sure and thanks to TV it has only got worse.

Sadly many people buy the wants . . . those items that increase one's quality of life (or so they believe) and forget about the needs and run into all sorts of trouble such as not enough food on the table, unable to pay the bills, get the car fixed or pay for school fees.  Just turn on the TV and you will be bombarded by advertisements "reminding" you of all those things you would like. And if you can't afford them, use credit, get a loan . . . it doesn't matter as long as your wants and desires are met. Only yesterday I received an email with the heading "Top 5 MUST-HAVE styles this season", last seasons shoes should be fine this season, however we are forever reminded that they won't be.

The Bible contains a number of examples of those who wanted something but God had other plans. Just think of Abraham and Sarah who wanted a baby but not quite prepared to wait as long as God wanted them to. Our wants are not always what God has planned for us. However what God has in store for us is always best even when He is withholding what we think we need at the moment.  His plan is always perfect, ours are based on greed, selfishness or keeping up with the Jones.  I don't really need any more shoes or even a bigger house . . . I should be content with what I have and not what I want or like, however we are constantly told that we aren't content and really do need more.  If I had everything I wanted, I would be surrounded by so much "stuff" I would likely to not want to focus my attention on the Lord Jesus Christ . . . and that is where my focus ought to be . . . 100% on Him, rather than 1% of Him and 99% on "stuff" I want but do not need.  All this clutter gets in the way of glorifying God.

Of course our wants can also include the want of money . . . many Christians are very much focused on getting rich.  All we need is enough money to live comfortably (not like a millionaire!) and some squirreled away for a rainy day (or to share with others who are in need). God doesn't want us to be rich . . . just read Matthew 19:24 "And again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." or Proverbs 23:4 "Labour not to be rich : cease from thine own wisdom." however many Christians simply ignore these verses. 

And, finally . . . should we really be praying for our wants . . . those extra things that we really don't need? A bigger house, a longer holiday, a bigger pay cheque or should we just be content in what God was provided us with.  Aren't we really questioning his plan? The answer is quite clear, isn't it?

And my God shall supply all your need
 according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
    Philippians 4:19

PS - just a little thought, all the "treasure" (the must haves) that we accumulate in our lifetime, including money can't be taken to heaven, we just won't need it, so perhaps we should think twice before accumulating it.