Art Friday: Anatoly Dverin

Artist: Anatoly Dverin
Born: Ukraine, lives in the USA

Impressionist style

Born in Ukraine, Anatoly Emigrated to the United States 27 years ago. He now resides in Plainville, Massachusetts where he maintains his studio. Dverin earned his Master of Fine Arts Degree and B.A. Degree from the "Kharkov Fine Art Institute" in Ukraine. He also studied in the "Muchina institute" in St. Petersburg, Russia. His future in the USSR was secure with commissions from the Ministry of Culture and various publishing companies. hen, at the expense of giving up everything - college diplomas, precious old sketchbooks, and all personal property except $300 - and being repeatedly intimidated by the KGB, Anatoly immigrated to the United States with his wife and small daughter in 1976.

During the last thirty years, Anatoly has worked as a professional illustrator whose astounding draftsmanship and attention to detail is so fine one could assume a colored pencil drawing to be a photograph. Still, Anatoly has traveled further with his talent to become not only a contemporary artist whose paintings are carried by the finest galleries but also a gifted teacher who is giving back by sharing his talent through teaching his craft. This is a man whose work is prolific and important. His portraits, sensitive to the nuance of personality, embody the life of the subject. The still lifes vary from delicate to bold through the subtleties of combining light, shadow and color. (source)

link to personal website

Birches - I just love the colours in this painting and can imagine walking through the trees, it would be magical.
Charles Bridge, Prague
Cafe Provence
Birch Path
Summer day
Barge, Holland
Old Mill, France - one of my favourites, just love the colours. 
Poplar Alley - also painted by the French Impressionists as well. 
Nunt, France
Rockport, Green boat
Lighthouse, Port Clyde, Maine

P.S. I was just looking at the statistics and noticed that my Thomas Kinkade post been my most popular post EVER with over 550 hits.  Wow - I should stop writing and just do an art blog, they seem to be far more popular:)

PLEASE, if you are passing by today and reading this art blog - tell me who your favourite artist is?


  1. Funny to see the comment at the end of your post...I was just going to tell you how much I enjoy these post and how it has expanded my love for art. You do an awesome job...I try to always comment when I come. I never look at my stats so that would be interesting to see which posts are viewed the most. Thanks for sharing...I have gone to the library and even bought art books because of what you have shared...thanks for sharing your passion.

  2. A beautiful artist post as always, I don't have a favourite, I am very greatful to you for introducing me to so many gifted artists. Thankyou for your blog it blesses so many.

  3. I liked this one Jo! Don't know who my favourite is though, sorry!

  4. Jo, I think I must like my colours a little more muted than you! ☺ I love Monmartre, Regatta, Etriate. And the light is exactly like that in Provance! I don't have a favourite artist as such, just favourite paintings in different styles by different artists! I am so happy you take the trouble to collate & share. I do enjoy these posts of yours & am always interested to see whether i know the particular artist you choose that week.

    1. To be honest I liked all his art - they are so soft and delicate - but I do go for the stronger colours as a preferences. I do wish I could walk down that ally way in Monmartre!! One day perhaps.

  5. Thankyou ladies, I am glad I am selecting artists that you all like. This one is a favourite of mine - they are so delicate in colour.

  6. I always enjoy your artist series! Such beautiful paintings! :)

    1. Thankyou Emily Fay, I always try to find variety :)

  7. Hi Joluise~ I don't have a favorite artist, but I do love landscapes and this artist is wonderful. Love these! Especially, Birches, Summer day and Barges.

    Always love your art posts.

    1. Thank you Mrs Santos - this painter has so lovely landscapes, so calm and relaxing to look at.

      May you and your family have a lovely weekend.

  8. I love most of his paintings actually:) as for a favourite artist ....not sure. You know I was never into art until we began homeschooling rebekah with the Charlotte mason method....she believed even young children could look at, enjoy and appreciate art and she was absolutely right. Rebekahs most favourite books are her art books. She loves looking at the paintings. I love your art posts too as I've gained an appreciation for it in the past few years. Thanks for putting so much time into them.
    P.s. I'm sure some of those hits on your art posts are from home schoolers like me:)

    1. I use to look at art books as a child and many of the old books we had in the house had old photography or Victorian art in them so I can understand why Rebekah would enjoy them so much. I completely agree with Charlotte Mason!

  9. I can't say I have a favourite either.
    But lately I seem drawn a to Helen Allingham's works.
    I love the light in the paintings you've shared this week.
    Just beautiful!

    1. I did Allingham's works a few years ago - she was very clever and her work so delicate. I liked it to .

  10. I, of course, tend to like the ones with the building in them the most. I really like the Cafe scene with all of the yellow, and then the last, the street scape that's winding downhill. Good find, Jo.

  11. This is not my favourite style - I prefer defined paintings with a little more detail, but still, his work is quite nice.
    I don't know how to choose my favourite artist... (Can I say God is my favourite artist??)... There are a lot of great artists out there - and you know the kinds I like - the more realistic and detailed, the better!! :)

    1. I was driving home on Friday evening and witness the most beauitful sunset, the sky was all shades of reds and it looked amazing. No painter could have captured the beauty nor a camera. Of course this painting was created by God and that is why it was so magnificent .


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