Art Friday: Susan Rios

A toast of friendship

Artist: Susan Rios

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I like the art of Susan Rios - it is very feminine and soft - pretty and romantic is a good word to use to define her style.  The art is calm, peaceful and so full of beauty. I look at these paintings and could imagine myself in the setting - such as the one above.  Do check out Susan's website and see far more of her art that I can show.

Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, Rios was raised and now resides in the Los Angeles area. She won an art scholarship to California State University, Northridge. After college she worked briefly for an advertising agency, and later, spent five years working as a floral designer. Maybe that might explain why all her paintings have flowers of some description in them!

Rios has her own distinctive style that does not pay homage to any particular school of thought. The blend of illustrative realism and impressionist imagery evoke a soothing, therapeutic response which sets her work apart from other contemporary artists. I wouldn't be surprised is she isn't taken seriously as an artist, as Kinkade wasn't, as this style of art isn't considered as serious art.

Many bloggers use her artwork in their stories, as I have done, I think we are drawn to her art because of the femininity of her work.  The girls in her paintings are dressed modestly as can be seen below in pretty flowing dresses and their long hair is beautiful done and the children look adorable.  However, in saying how much I like the art work, this isn't the sort of art I would have on my wall as it "too pretty" (this may sound like a contradiction!). What do you think?

Don't these women look so feminine and pretty in their long skirts and beautiful hair.
The warmth of Autumn - my cat would love to sit in front of the fire
Sharing the gift - what a beautiful place to sit and contemplate
A romantic cottage garden - isn't this just lovely, always wanted a atrium in my home, just don't have a spot for one!
If only my roses grew this well - another wonderful spot for afternoon tea or a quiet read
Day of her promise
This is my sort of room - has such a cosy warm feeling to it  - if only!!
Would you like to join me for afternoon tea?
"Shore" - isn't this so feminine and beautiful
Partager - so cute
Isn't this one another cute painting
Puppy time treasure
I wonder what she is thinking - is that a look of worry, sadness or just bored.  But I do like her hat.
Garden - does this remind you a litle of Kinkade?

A different view


  1. I love the painting with the little boy on the beach. Sweet!

  2. Mmmm, I know what you mean about not being taken seriously but this style requires just as much real skill. I am not overly fond of this type of art myself & her use of light is not as evocative as last week's artist but technically she is very good. Thanks again, Jo.

    1. This style of painting reminds me of calendar/birthday card painting which is why I wouldn't hang it on my wall.

  3. I love the feminine young ladies - like the back of the girl (the one right before the children, especially) - and I like the little girl and boy, and the lil boy on the beach... And I like some of the indoor ones too. In fact, I *really* like this style of painting!! :)

  4. I get what you mean about it being too 'pretty' to hang on a wall. It's pretty but not sort of realistic pretty I guess? yea, I'm not sure if I'd hang it on my wall either though I do love her work!

  5. Jo- I really do like the artwork of your selected artist. Her work is colorful and very lovely. I love her subjects-- the little boy on the beach is my favorite. All of these paintings are lovely--

    You did a wonderful job of highlighting this artist! Great photos!


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