How times have changed

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I was waiting in line to purchase some items in the department store Target.  Target had kindly put up a TV on the wall so we had something to watch as we wait - that is, if you enjoy advertisements. Previous advertisements have included baby wear, Manchester, latest fashions and the like. Today's though had me thinking  . . . how times have changed.

Today's advertisement involved 6 or so women (they all looked like mums) in their 30s parading around in bras and undies. That is to say, pretty much naked.  This advertisement played over and over again for the entire time I waited (on a large TV screen). It was probably the "ad of the day".  We are so use to seeing almost naked women, that this advertisement didn't raise any eyebrows as no-one really cared or even noticed.  It wasn't a tasteless ad by any means, but that still doesn't hide the fact that we are so use to see semi-naked women that these ads are now completely acceptable to be shown at any time of the day, in any location. We are now completely immuned to immodesty, it appears on the streets, on our TVs, in the magazines at the newsagency and no-one notices. It has happened relatively slowly so we haven't noticed it creepying upon us and now we are inmersed in it like a fog.

You do have to wonder where we will go from here . . . what will be acceptable in advertisements in shopping centres in a few years time. We already have semi-naked ladies selling bras (or swim wear) and men parading around in their underwear, gays promoting gay marriage . . . what next.

How do your husbands feel when they see ads like this playing in public?  What do you tell you young sons?

In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing.

1 Timothy 2:9


  1. The commercials are one of the many reasons we got rid of cable years ago. We didn't want our young sons seeing that and my husband didn't want to see it either. That is also another reason why we moved off the beach to a more country setting. Modesty is a thing of the past these days for so many people.
    I don't even like taking my kids to the store with me because of the half naked women on magazines and other things.
    I hate to see what's next. It's scarey to think about it.

    1. I was shopping on the weekend and walked past the magazine rack at my local supermarket and was more than surprised to see the cover of one of our average magazines - it had 4 "large busted" women on the front cover wearing swim wear - to put it politely, not a lot was "in" the clothing if you get my drift. It was very tasteless and crude and not something I wanted to see and I am sure most guys certainly won't want to see it. it was an ugly front cover and I can't see why they thought it would sell magazines.

      I can imagine living close the beach would be an eye-opener for sure. Makes it very difficult at times.

  2. Reading your post reminded me of a small exercise DVD magazine that happened to be looking through. On one page, I saw a very immodest picture of a woman, on a DVD cover, in a very "skimpy bikini" (e.g., almost naked). I then told my husband that I would refuse to buy any DVD which would exploit women in a demeaning manner. I then showed him the photograph in question, and he agreed.

    As Kim mentioned above, I think it would be scary to see what would happen next, though he does unfortunately appear that our society is headed in the wrong direction.

  3. It's embarrassing for both us and our husbands when we are confronted by such advertising.
    As christians we are supposed to exercise "custody of the eyes" and not look at this sort of base thing.
    "Temptation" is a commercial commodity and all the media masterfully uses it in our society.
    When my sons were still at home there were times when they were uncomfortable to get the junkmail from our letterbox.
    You almost have to live in a cave to escape this stuff!
    So annoying!

  4. Not only immodesty, which is bad, but screens are everywhere. I have found lately that they invade every place you go. Coffee shops and eateries as well as general stores. Blah....
    I like to eat out in peace on the rare occasion that I do.

    1. Completely agree, the other annoying thing is loud music which makes it so hard to talk with out yelling across the table.

  5. It is especially cause for a good conversation with the children. I think in Europe it is a couple of degrees worse as in your country. I wonder why car advertisements always must be accompanied with nearly naked women;-)

  6. My hubby always turns away when he sees this stuff! Now having a growing daughter we have lots of conversations re modesty.

  7. I think it is disgusting, and I do wonder how we're supposed to teach our children modesty, and how we are to teach our sons that such sights are not good for them. So far, I don't think my children have seen a lot - we don't go out a LOT, so in that respect they are shielded as I can censor everything that comes into the house. I also wonder what will be next - if you look back in history and compare the progression we're seeing today, I reckon open fornication on the streets probably isn't that far off. YUCK. :( It's really too bad the 'salt' is losing its savour - Christians are dwindling and allowing these things without turning a hair.
    Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


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