Laughter is the best medicine

I love to have a good laugh.  I like to laugh with friends and family. I like to have a good laugh with my husband. I particularly like to have a laugh at work -- nothing worse than a whole day without laughter.  Films can make me laugh, funny books can have me in tears, I love it when my son shares with me a YouTube clip that is so funny I am in stitches.  I laugh at the antics that my cats get up to and I laugh when I see funny things when I am out. But I try very hard never to laugh at someone if it will upset someone else. That isn't funny at all.

Laughter really is the best medicine. 

Have you laughed today?

Ruby with her new friend . . . I found this funny and snapped a photo of the two of them!

Charlie Chaplin once said "A day without laughter is a day wasted" and how true that is. It is the same as getting enough sunlight and eating ones vegetables. Laughter is as necessary as breathing.  We aren't meant to live joyless lives -- if I am laughing it means I am happy and that happiness rubs off onto others and they to can have a good laugh and be happy. 

So if you are feeling down, find a friend and have a good laugh.

We all could have a group laugh right now,
so on the count of three, start to laugh . . . 
we will all feel so much better. 

P.S. did you know that laughing helps you lose weight?  Its true, you burn calories every time you laugh, the more you laugh the more calories you loose.  Sounds good to me.

Even cats laugh
Now that we have had a good old chuckle, HAPPY WEEKEND TO YOU ALL. May it be stress free and full of laughing and having fun. 


  1. With two little ones there is always plenty to laugh over every day - especially as they interact!
    Laughter keeps us young too - I am sure of it!

    1. It certainly does, but it doesn't stop the grey hairs!!

    2. If you don't look in the mirror you will never notice them:)

  2. rofl love the cats facial expression lol

    1. She has only just started to have that facial expression - the big eyes. She does it quite often, not sure why she has only just started to do it!! She is very spoilt and loved by all.

  3. So true! I was thinking the same thoughts this morning as rebekah and I were being silly and singing a silly song we made up and laughed a lot! Love the pictures of ruby and the other cat:) enjoy your weeken Jo!

  4. Ruby has found a nice cuddly buddy, lol!
    You are right, Jo.
    Laughter is very powerful medicine for whatever ails you :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. You are absolutely right! We have this week watched a humorous video. And laugh we did, we were all happy

    1. I love to watch a funny movie - you feel so good afterwards:)

  6. I enjoy laughing too, although I don't always laugh at the same things as others... And Dan finds it very strange because I don't always laugh visibly - sometimes I just laugh "on the inside". I wonder if that produces the same hormones in your body that laughing aloud do???! I like it when something is so funny it reduces me to tears - that is so fun! :)


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