Part 1: Creating a sanctuary for our loved ones

I thought I would write a series called "Keeper of the home for busy ladies", in particular for those, like me, who work outside the house either full-time or part-time.  However, we are all busy ladies and we all need as much encouragment as possible to get through the week in one piece. These are tips for creating a cosy home for our families that don't take many hours to do, but add so much to our homes.  It also aims to breakdown the myth that those ladies that do work outside of the home cannot be keepers of their homes as well.  Yes we can . . . but it does take some lateral thinking at times!  

Part 1: Creating a sanctuary for our loved ones

And the LORD God said, "It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.  Genesis 2:18 

No matter whether a Christian lady works inside or outside the home, creating a warm and inviting sanctuary for their family (mostly importantly for their husbands) is not difficult and nor is it time consuming.   I like to use flowers to create a cheery environment and this week they are pink. I love bright colours (particularly in winter) so try and find flowers that add both colour and happiness to a room. The supermarket usually sells nice bunches that aren't very expensive (or pick from your garden). These ones were half price but still in excellent condition.  I select ones with only a little scent as my husband can't cope with heavy scented flowers - no jonquils in my house!

Just need to have a quiet word with my gorgeous cat (Ruby) about not eating flowers - they are for decoration only!!

I try and split the bunch in two, with a small vase in the lounge room and a larger bunch in the kitchen near the sink. When I am washing the dishes or cooking I can enjoy these beautiful flowers.  

A bowl of vegetables (pumpkins in the picture above) or fruit (apples below) can also be use to add cheeriness to a room.  I have also used nuts to add a homely feel and my husband can enjoy snacking on them as well (healthier than lollies). 

These are some of my cookbooks - the salt and pepper shakers were $1 from the charity shop,  another splash of colour.  It is surprising what you can find that is dirt cheap that can add so much "extra" to your home.

Pot plants are another way to create a wonderful feeling of home.  I select hardy ones that won't die - this is important because a house full of dead plants is not an inviting look!!  The Peace Lily would have to be one of my favourites, its hardy but still very pretty. This one gets afternoon sun and bit of water each week and thats about it.  I spray the leaves occasional to remove the dust. As you can see, pot plants are an easy addition and really don't create any extra work.  

I can't remember the name of this one, but its even tougher - it gets full afternoon sun and a dash of water each week and looks as happy as can be. I have placed it in a yellow tub, once again, to add colour and joy!  

These are a few things I do to brighten up my home, to create a warm and cosy environment and to make it a place that my family and I want to be. So to mums who work outside the home - you can create a cosy home without taking lots of time or add to your workload. 


  1. I'm really not an indoor pot-plant kind of person, but I do enjoy some bright flowers every now and then, and I really like having bowls (or baskets in my case) of fresh fruit on my kitchen bench - they do look so bright and yummy!! :)
    Looking at your photos above, I realised what really makes OUR home feel homey - having lots of books (like your recipe book collection). I asked Dan how he would like to have a home with no books, and he told me he wouldn't like it at all - which confirmed what I realised as I read your post! :)

    1. If I walk into a home with no book I look around with a feeling that something is missings-books. I would be lost without them. Perhaps they give warmth to a room.

      Yesterday morning I heard a sound coming from the lounge, when I investigated I found my flowers on the floor, Ruby cat had been picking them out one by one. Today she only touched two. She never hurts them, just enjoys touching them!!! Caius suggested I tried herbs inside, I might and see how they go.

  2. Hi Joluise,
    I agree with you... books, touches of colour and flowers do make a home welcoming.I make sure that some of my husband's handiwork is in every room so his 'stamp' as well as mine is all through the house.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia


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