Art Friday: Nikita Nomerz

Old water tank

Artist: Nikita Nomerz

Street Artist

In a strange way I like these art works, different to other art that I have shared with you . . . a great way to turn old and falling down into something clever and eye-catching. Quirky is how I would describe them.

What do you think of this sort of art?

Nikita Nomerz is a street artist that turns derelict structures in "living" creatures by adding eyes and facial features. Nikita Nomerz's work ranges from water towers painted to look like they're laughing to dilapidated buildings with broken window frames for eyes. Nomerz, from the western Russian city of Nizhniy Novgorod, travels around various cities in his homeland to carry out his art.  He doesn't spend hours on each piece, some take less than an hour to complete.

Did you enjoy these?


  1. Super cool! Love the alligator. I appreciate whoever has painted the long retaining walls along the southside freeway here. So much more interesting than a boring expanse of cheap fencing & heaps better than graffetti.

  2. The children thought these were very funny. They particularly liked the alligator. :)
    I think they're clever. :)

  3. Oh, and thank you so much for turning off the word verification - those drove me mad. They're horrid these days!

    1. I didn't know it was on until Sandy told me!! I don't like them at all either:(

  4. LOL Oh I Love those

  5. Bizarre, but I liked them anyway!

  6. Wow--- that is quite a sense of imagination! I do like them though-- if nothing else- I would want to take pictures of them!!

  7. Brilliant and fun!
    I did enjoy them, Jo.
    God bless you.


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