Congratulations: Cookbook giveaway

Before I could annouce the Cookbook Giveaway I had to wake Ruby up.  She was very comfortable on her bed looking at the birds outside.  This is what she does every day all day. Perhaps I have made her bed far too comfortable.

Once I got her out of bed, she was more interested in looking out the front door.  Doesn't she look good against our purple door!! The pile of names are sitting in front of her.

The action shot . . . after some "washing" and scratching on the mat, she decided to selected a name.  First she tried to eat it (missed that shot) and then she flicked about and it landed in her tail.

And the winner is

. . . BETS . . . 

my dear cousin

not that Ruby knew that you and I were related in any way.

Bets, the cookbooks will be in the post tomorrow for you to enjoy later in the week:)

Thankyou to all of you who participated . . . as I can't send everyone something, here is a bunch of flowers and a big smile.

PS Ruby has climbed back into bed, that was exhausting!


  1. Ooooooh, thank you! How exciting!
    Maybe I will have to change my opinion of cats, or at least Ruby?


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