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It is Saturday afternoon - the weather is grey, cold and wet and I am all snuggled up in my warm house. I love this sort of weather as there is nothing nicer than being indoors on a wet winters day doing wintry things like reading, listening to music, making jam (yes, I made some more quince jelly), talking to my cat, watching a movie, blogging to my friends (yes, thats you!) or just lying on the couch dozing (I will be doing this in a moment).  It is days like this that I feel all happy and joyful. 

Just a quick reminder of my cookbook give away (LINK), it closes (oops) tonight tomorrow night

Did I mention that my dear son shared his cold with me and now I am all snuffly and sneezing all the time.  They are precious things, sons, not colds, who love to share even thing with their mothers!!  He has a little trail next week at a cafe, for part-time work. I pray that he gets the job as it will keep him busy. He is also returning to study which is a positive move as well.  I think he is getting his act together. 

I have been practicing my photography portrait skills but do not have many people who wish to assist me, therefore I sometimes have to ask Ruby. She is very good and this is one I took earlier this week. I really like the results. No comments from Ruby thus far.  

Ok, I think it is time for a cup of Jasmine tea and perhaps try my quince jelly on some toast. If you live near by you could drop in a join me.  


  1. My daughter shared her cold with me, too! We are going to spend the rest of the day relaxing and cooking together. A new cookbook would be great!

  2. Hi Joluise,
    Sorry you have a cold.....all the coughing and sneezing can make you very tired and achy. I'm just getting over this feeling is fresh in my memory.
    I like your portrait of Ruby...very regal!
    Hope you feel better soon
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  3. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well- hope it's a quick one and you feel better really soon.
    Yes, wet days are nice for staying indoors and doing quiet things curled up in a blanket (in cold weather)... Not so nice if you have to go out. We had to go out yesterday and some of the time it was raining very hard when we were driving - not real fun! Much better to be home.


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