Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth

Today is the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and as Australia is part of the Commonwealth of Nations (there are 53 nations in the group) we are celebrating her birthday.

So what better way to celebrate her long reign (60 years), but to share some interesting facts about this very gracious and remarkable woman:

Lets start with something very important - breakfast:
  • Each morning, the Queen's breakfast table is laid out with cornflakes and porridge oats in Tupperware containers, yoghurt and two kinds of marmalade - light and dark.
  • When a footman gave her corgis whiskey, she demoted him.
  • She is the only person in Britain who can drive without a license or number plate on her state car.
  • During her reign, the Queen has received 3.5 million letters of correspondence, personally held 610 investitures and conferred more than 404,500 awards and honors.  The Queen has sent 100,000 telegrams to centenarians in the UK and the Commonwealth.
  • About 1.5 million people have attended her garden parties.
  • She is the patron of more than 600 charities. 
  • She has sat for 129 official portraits. 
  • She has owned more than 30 corgis, 5 of which she currently owns.
  • The Queen's real birthday is on 21 April and the date is a private celebration.
  • The Queen is 5'4" (64 inches or 160cm) tall.
  • Queen Elizabeth II was the first British Monarch to visit China when she visited in 1986.
  • Her Royal Majesty is worth an estimated $525 million. She earns about $50 million annually. In case she needs some of that cash, one ATM is inside Buckingham Palace.
  • Queen Elizabeth II has ruled Great Britain for 60 years, longer than any other monarch, except Queen Victoria, who, at age 77 ruled for 63 years; however, at 86 years old, Queen Elizabeth II is the oldest ruling monarch to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. If Queen Elizabeth II rules for four more years, she will be the longest reigning monarch. She is also the only monarch to celebrate her diamond wedding anniversary (to Prince Philip).
  • Philip and Elizabeth were married on 20 November 1947 in Westminster Abbey.
  • The Queen is a direct descendent of Queen Victoria’s oldest son King Edward VII and the Duke of Edinburgh is a direct descendent of Queen Victoria’s third child Princess Alice. They are related!
  • When Prince Charles was born, Elizabeth sent everyone a gift basket who had had a baby on November 14, 1948. Her family was against her naming him Charles because of the past monarchs that had been named Charles. (Nov 14 1948)
  • As Head of State, The Queen maintains close contact with the Prime Minister, with whom she has a weekly audience when she is in London.  Over the reign, Her Majesty has given regular Tuesday evening audiences to 10 Prime Ministers.
    She may be a Queen, but she is also a mother.
    Mother and son (Charles)

    Charles and baby Anne
    Charles, Anne and baby Andrew with their parents, 1960
     Happy Birthday *


  1. Very interesting! Thanks. Greetings, Annemieke.

  2. What interesting information, Jo!! I didn't know a lot of that!! :) (It was fun to read, too!)


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