Art Friday: Andrea Laliberte

Artist: Andrea Laliberte

Canadian artist, student of fashion design

My cousin has been sharing some of her drawings via Facebook. I have been very impressed by her skill, in particular those of people, as I always find drawing the human form very tricky and tend to get frustrated and give up.  So thanks to my cousin Clara, she has inspired me to select Andrea Lalinerte today because of her drawings of feminine looking women in different outfits with their strong lines which are beautifully coloured in delicate shades with the subdued backgrounds. Laliberte was schooled in fashion design and this comes through in these pieces - to understand fashion I would assume you need to have a good understanding of the body underneath. I just love how the fabric moves in some of her designs.

These aren't master pieces and some would dispute they are art - more like posters, however I enjoyed looking at them and might use the ideas to improve my drawing skills.

Rain in New York
Femme Elegante II
New York
Rain in Paris
Rain in London
Parasol Club II
Wine Event
Did you enjoy these?

Cheese III


  1. Love these thanks so much for sharing!! How much fun to know someone who is a artist always inspire me to learn and watch for more artist

  2. These are beautiful and elegant paintings. I love them!

  3. LOL! Jo! :D I'm glad my art has inspired you in some way... Sadly it's taken a back-burner while we're schooling... But I'll be back at it someday soon. :P

    These are nice fashions in these paintings... They do look rather elegant!! And I love how they are all so feminine. :)

  4. Jo- I totally love this artist- her style is like vintage poster art--- love the women and great fashions. I'd love to cover a wall with these pictures!!


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