Art Friday: Stephen Gjertson (part 2)

Azaleas in an oriental planter, 1984

Artist: Stephen Gjertson

Part 2: Still life
(Part 1: Portraits)

I know many of you loved the work of Stephen Gjertson when I shared him with you a few weeks ago - I think this is just as beautiful as his portraits - I love these still life arrangements, they are just beautiful.  I have also included several examples of his landscapes.

Daisies and fruit, 1979
Lisianthus, arranging the bouquet, 1993
The golden isles, 2003 (I love the tea bag in the painting and how the tray looks like it might fall off)
Roses in a swan vase, 1985
August's adornment, 1990 (Just look closely at the timber and all the amazing detail)
Daisies, phlox, grapes and cherries, 1978
Some examples of his landscapes

Evening in the pines, 1988
The wilds of Lake Superior, 1986
Fishin', Ann River, 1991
Sunsilght and shadows - Minnehaha Creek, 1984
Hazy day sunrise, Lake Superior, 1982
What do you think?


  1. I think those are reeeeally beautiful!! Ahh - I aspire to such beautiful art. I sure wish I could paint like that!! Such talent! Yep - this artist is a favourite for me.

    1. I knew you would love these - very talented artist indeed.

  2. I could take a photo that had just as much detail :-)

    Quite beautiful art.

  3. Simply beautiful! His still life looks very life-like. It's almost hard to think of them as "just paintings."

  4. Glad you all liked this artist - I think he is amazing:)


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