Weekend activities

What have you been up to lately? 

My weekends are very special so I make the most of every minute - but that doesn't mean I work madly for 2 days, far from it as much of the housework has been done during the week.  Its time for all those enjoyable activities that I don't have time to do during the week.

I had morning tea with my son and his future wife and her mother, I had dinner out with my dear husband, gardening (almost finished the extension to the vegetable garden), sewing, cooking, shopping (I needed to find a pashmina) and even found time to sit in the sun and read. To me this is a perfect way to spend the weekend.
I thought I would do some simple sewing projects in the afternoon - Ruby was quick to help. I had to get cross with her as she kept on playing with my pin mouse (the little mouse I stick pins in)!!
My husband likes to have "draught excluders" (sausages) at the bottom of the doors to stop the cold air coming into the warm part of the house. I decided to make two rather than buy them. This was the only fleecy fabric I had, but they work really well!! They are very thick sausages which no draught will escape!

Whilst I had the sewing machine out I thought I would make a heat-pack (perfect on a cold winters night in bed) which I filled with barley and some lavender (to make them smell nice when heated in the microwave).

Homemade granola - I make this each week as it tastes so yummy, the house smells wonderful when it is cooking. This is a mix of rolled oats (5 cups), cashews (1 cup), almonds (1 cup), pumpkin seed (3/4 cup), sunflower seeds (3/4 cup), maple syrup (1 cup) and one jar of apple sauce (sugar free) plus 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of ginger - bake in a cool over (stirring every 10 mins) until toasted.  Once cooked I add 1 cup shredded coconut, 1 cup each of currents and sultana's (or more if I feel in the mood).
I bought this for my husband as he loves dogs. He kindly put a hook by the front door for all to see when they enter our house!! Isn't it so cute.
Check this out - here is one of my hyacinth bulbs starting to open up and flower. It smells beautiful and will look gorgeous when it fully flowers! And yes, it started to grow once I turned the bulb up the right way - it was upside down for a while and guess what, they don't like being upside down!!!  That cheered up my dad no-end and he had a good old chuckle when I told him!!! 

On Sunday evening my husband served up this - he cooked me a slow cook lamb shank dish for dinner. How perfect to end the weekend with a meal prepared by ones husband.

And for something funny - to any parent with a teenage child.
This sums up my 19 year old son's bedroom and his fathers view of it!!

Prayer to my brother and his wife for this Wednesday as they attend the funeral of my sister-in-laws father.  In my prayers.  May the Lord provide the strength that you will need.

Happy 8th birthday to a sweet little girl for the 25th of July.

May everyone have a lovely week ahead - no matter what the bumps in the road may be, the Lord is always with you.


  1. You would make a heat-pack? But how do you fill the bag of seeds then? How much must in? Here these heat-packs are very expensive. They are filled with cherry stones and lavender. I like all the pictures. Great blog!

    1. I fill the bag with barley and add a few handfuls of lavender - both are cheap to buy. You can make the bag any size you want, sew up the sides and leave a small hole to fill the bag and then sew up the hole. My bag contains to 500gram bags of barley. They are much cheaper to make than buy .

  2. Can you please send me a weeks supply of Granola (adjusted for diabetics) each week please. Ta!!

    And thank you for your prayers.

    1. Happy too - would just need to find a substitute for the maple syrup!

  3. A fun, newsy post. :) Thank you for the happy birthday message... She is having a lovely birthday week - when we asked her if there was something she would like for her birthday, she said she didn't know (didn't have anything in particular in mind). Well, I think all-in-all she got a little something to suit all her hobbies and interests, and she is SO happy! :)

    Haha - that's funny about your bulb!!!!

    And how wonderful to have a slow-cooker meal made for you - very nice! :)

  4. I want to try to make my own hot pack too! That sounds wonderful! :)


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