Art Friday: Camille Engel

Home sweet home II

Artist: Camille Engel
 American realist artist

I just love the artwork of Camille Engel, her work is gorgeous, the topics are varied and her style is amazing! I can't quite decided which theme I like the best, but I think its the birds, especailly those peeking out of the paper and those sitting on the books. 
Let me know what you think of this artist. 

Link to Engel's website

Paused Jewel
Smooth landing II
Blue by you
Cheeky little beggar
Got book worms

To kill a mocking bird
Souhern Belle
Margo's cup and sauce
Three pears
Coloured by time, red series-IV
Brushed up
Yellow boat
A glorious morning

Early morning breeze
Fragrant Effusions

Strike a pose


  1. Beautiful post! I am very inspired by this artists work and love artwork with a nature theme. Thank you for sharing today!

  2. Absolutely incredible, they're so realistic. I love the hummingbird and the blue bird sitting on the books. :D

  3. These are incredible!!
    Danny's favourite is the boats one, Dolly's favourite is the yellow roses, and A Glorious Morning.
    And my favourite... well that's hard to choose. I like the bedroom one, and the first one, and the Book worms one, particularly. But really, I like all of them - this is my favourite style of art! :)

  4. Beautiful. I like the yellow roses especially, but there are a lot of lovely paintings here. It's hard to choose.

  5. I agree with you the little bird pictures are truly beautiful.

  6. Glad you all liked these photos, they are amazing, what talent.


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