Just for fun!!

Are you after a new clutch bag?

Something simple?

Why not this?
Its a designer bag by Jill Sander and is considered a "fashionable throwaway". 

And yes, it is made of brown paper . . .  and will cost you . . . $285 (Aus/USA).

But if you would like the one made from leather which is more likely to last longer than paper, you will need $800.  And yes, people are buying them and one of the stockists in London has sold out of all their brown paper bags!!

Disappointed :(

The leather version - no handles!

Or, what about this acetate one from the 2011 collection priced at $286 (Aus/USA) - and yes, this also sold out, very popular!!


  1. Ok, I have to say... this is one of the most bizarre and incredibly stupid things I've read in a long time. If only my name on a paper bag would sell at $285 a pop!!!!!!! I could be rich in a flash! ;)
    And who really wants to carry their things in a paper sack or acetate bag, anyway? And is it truly comfortable to carry a leather bag that doesn't have a handle?
    I am incredulous; how utterly unbelievable!

    1. Clara, I couldn't agree more. Simply unbelievable. But, it only proves what I knew all along - high fashion is highly over-rated. When one has to turn one's brain off to "dress with the best" something is wrong with the whole picture.

    2. Mary/Clara, fashion can often be quite laughable at times and this is one of those moments!! Some people also have to much money if they are wasting it on things like this.

  2. Lol! At least there are a few sensible women left! We look at these and say, "What practical use is it?" NONE!

    1. I hope we aren't the only sensible women about:)))) you could put you lunch in it!!

  3. Oh dear, such waste!!! I honestly cannot fathom spending so much on a paper bag! LOL :D

    1. Or any bag at that cost!! Thought it might bring a chuckle:)))


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