Just a little excited

Getting a little excited, two more days at work then 5 weeks leave. I can't wait . . . sleeping in, relaxing, reading books (I already have a pile waiting), going for walks, smelling the flowers (and perhaps some gardening) and not a lot of housework!   I have some exciting projects lined up and can't wait start ( I will share these with you as I do them!).  This is five weeks of enjoyment and not work!   Hopefully the weather will be nice, but being spring it is likely to be a bit up and down, but that is ok, as I have both indoor and out-door activity planned. 


  1. I can assist you in your desire for gardening. Many weeds, and you will have no opportunity for boredom. LL

    1. mmmm, not so sure, sounds like work and I don't plan to do any work if I can avoid it!!

  2. I remember when I worked holidays were so great, long days of messing around and getting little jobs done without time limits, they always went so quick.

  3. Holidays are fantastic! I do hope you have a wonderful time and are able to complete all the projects on your list!! :) Look forward to hearing what you do! x

  4. Sounds like fun!! Enjoy your time off!

  5. sounds great Jo! five weeks is a good long holiday. When we've been on holidays in the past for five weeks, I've found it difficult to get motivated on our return as I'd end up being too relaxed lol!


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