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Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 20 August 2012
Mrs Fay Morley is 99 years old and for the last 17 years she has worked in her small haberdashery store in Sydney.  She opens the store five and half days per week and has no plans to retire.  And why does she do it “Because I have to do something to stop me falling off the perch”.

If I didn't work, I would sleep in late, I would read too many novels and watch to many DVDs, I would eat too much and I get very lazy both mentally and physically.  Without children in the house I would go around the twist with boredom and lack of company. I know this because I can get like this when I am on holidays.

My house doesn't take long to clean and it rarely gets messy (true, I'm a neat freak!), we don't have a huge amount of washing and our meals are simple to make and none of my family lives nearby to care for. I really wouldn't have enough to do unless I took up voluntary work.

Whilst some women love being at home and doing their own thing and enjoying their own company - I'm not one of them.  I can hear the comments already - a woman's place is at home and I should be satisfied doing just that.  Unfortunately not all women are the same and I am not one that copes well with loneliness (lack of company) for a long period of time. And I can only do so much craft and sewing isn't my forte.

It might surprise you, but I have a great job that I really enjoying doing. I love the challenges I face, the way I have to use my mind to solve problems and my interaction with my colleagues and clients. Even though I don't like getting up in the morning, once I am at work, I am quite happy to be there.  I have a job that is free of politics and dramas and I have a boss who is lovely. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect job.  And I didn't go looking for this job, it came to me and I praise the Lord for this often.  And at the moment it is really helping my husband and that is part of what I should be doing as a wife.

This week has been very busy and my head is still buzzing but I really had a good day. Whilst what I do isn't everyones cup of tea - it works for us and dear husband still gets his home cooked meal on the table,  the house is in good order, the cat is spoilt rotten (too much) and the adult children doing fine (spoilt rotten too!).  So I am with Mrs Morley - good on her for staying on her perch, I am on mine too!!


  1. Good on you Jo! I agree, that without kids at home life would be lonely! You are doing what God has given you to do!

  2. Everyone is different and everyone has to fill their own needs... Personally I am a home body and I love being home doing my projects etc... But I can understand that others are different, and I think it's great that you love what you do and are satisfied with (and enjoy) your circumstances! :) Contentment is so important. :)


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