Art Friday: An He

In the garden

Artist: An He

Chinese born: 1957

Born in China in 1957 and taught to paint by his father a highly respected artist and professor of art in Guangzhou. An he moved to the USA in 1985 and now lives in And Francisco. 

While attending the academy, An was invited to join the All China Artist Association, a top national organisation only for professional artists.  At the age of 24, he was the youngest member ever to be chosen.  This was his first honour.  Since then, his paintings have been widely exhibited in many cities throughout China.  He also was commissioned to do hundreds of book covers and illustrations for publications.  An He has won several National Art Excellence awards in China.  Three of his works have been purchased by the Chinese government for the permanent collections on display in the Nationall Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing.

An He’s paints women in  timeless fashion, There is a grace; a peek into the inner beauty of his subject.  His women are usually caught in a moment of contemplation, sometimes in an opulent interior, sometimes in a garden.  Ballet themes and musical instruments find their way into his compositions as well. (source: link)

Garden respite
Spring awakening
Autumn leaves
Afternoon tea

Thoughts of the day
Picking flowers
Afternoon read
Fall Melody


  1. Those are SO beautiful! What talent!! :)

  2. Wonderful painatings, much like the Realists and the Pre-Raphelites and the Classics. Thank you for finding these, to share with the blog world! The styles and mood of them are very much like actual life and fashions in the 1980's.

    1. I thought they were very soft, delicate and feminine which is why I loved them. So glad you liked these and yes, re-looking at them, I can see the 1980's in there a little. Perhaps a little of Laura Ashley.


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