Gardening day

Today was gardening day. 

An early trip (after breakfast in bed!) to Bunnings hardware store to pick up all the bits and pieces we needed to build another raised vegetable garden bed (for the tomatoes this year) and some more straw (sugar cane mulch) for the new vegetable garden and other areas.  Whilst DH built the raised bed, I fertilised, pruned, moved some pots around and removed the plants (mostly bulbs) that were in the way of the new bed.   I have been putting this job off for a while now, but as the weather was glorious, it was time to get it done and it turned out much easier than I thought it would.

I bought 8 tomato plants, but it is still too early to plant them in the raised garden, they will need to wait until late October, early November when we no longer get any frosts.  See the snow peas in the front of the shot, they are growing very well and covered in flowers.  All the vegetables have done really well this winter and I have learnt a thing or two in the process. At present we have a glut of green Chinese vegetables and busy eating them in stews and stir fries (as we are doing tonight).  
Isn't this gorgeous - the plant is called "Pig-Face" and only flowers for a short time once the weather warms up in spring. It grows in very poor soil and requires no watering. 
A view of my garden - not a lot of room to plant new things, more like a jungle - but I always seem to find a spot for something new!!


Tomorrow will be grocery day - off to Costco in the morning to do a "big" shop, then home in time for lunch and feet up in the afternoon!  Tomorrow evening I'm off to see a musical with my theatre friends (dinner first). It's been a tough week!!!  


  1. It sounds to me like your week has been a very pleasing and wonderful mixture of work and play/relaxation! :) Your garden looks wonderful - so good to see the hard work pay off, isn't it?! :) Love the brilliant colour of your pigface. The one here is a vibrant hot pink (hasn't flowered yet this season), but I think I like your fiery yellow-orange better!! It's so beautiful!

  2. What a pretty garden--so lush and green and lovely. The flowers you've put on your blog header are also just gorgeous! While you have the warm weather coming, ours is going to be finally leaving (I hope!)

  3. Jo- your gardens are going to be lovely- I love your raised beds-- I'm sure you are so excited to be starting spring. I always look forward to photos of your gardens and flowers. Happy planting!


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