Going for a job interview (not me!)

Job interviews - I have sat on both sides of the table when it comes to job interviews.  I will admit I much prefer to be doing the interviewing than being the one interviewed.  However, when I'm  interviewing I am very much aware that only one person is able to win the position, the rest will be disappointed and for some, its quite devastating because that promotion would have made a differences to a struggling family or got them out of a current position that they are unhappy with. It can be very tough making the final decision.

Today my son is going off to an interview. He doesn't like his current job (not that he grumbles very often) but has stuck with it for almost 2 years which I am proud of. I pray that he is successful as he would earn more (something that will be important when he and his wife decide to start a family) and will allow him to gain more skills and therefore a career to better and more rewarding positions. 

My advice to him is to be prepared. Research the company, know what they stand for, their work ethic and the type of work you would be expect to do. You might be surprised but so many people do no do this sort of research. You also need to come prepared with examples of your work as you are highly likely to be asked to discuss them. Select ones that may not have gone smoothly, eg a project that has had a bumpy ride and the solutions you used to resolve the issues - it shows that you can work through problems in a positive manner.

My son went out and bought a suit to wear to interviews - this is very important - one needs to look smart as it demonstrates that you have put effort into this interview and consider it important. You would be surprised at what people wear to interviews!  Whilst most people wear black, I tend to always have a splash of red. Why, so they remember the girl in red among all those who wore black - it has worked so far! For men, a brightly coloured tie (unless applying for a job in a law firm) does the same thing!!

So, back to my son, today he is off to an interview and I will be praying for him that it is successful - but I know the Lord has His plans that may be different to mine. I will trust in His decision.

Job interviewing is one skill that should be taught at school as it can be very confronting and stressful to any young person. Unfortunately it is so often forgotten and not seen as important, however almost all jobs require an interview these days.


  1. I hope he got the job. Thank you for the tips. I will be job hunting next fall for the first time in 15 years!

  2. some great wisdom and advice here Jo! let us know how your son did:)

  3. I noticed your comment there about not wearing bright colours for a job interview for a law firm, and I was wondering why not??? (Just curious!)

    Job interviews can be so horrible, I'm glad I haven't had to do one of them for a long time (over 10 years!). Dan might have to go for some interviews sometime in the next while... I'll have to pass on your tips. :)

    1. Clara, law firms are very conservative and can have strict dress codes so probably best to dress the way they would expect you to.

  4. Jo- I have interviewed countless people over the past many years- and it still surprises me how I'll prepared some people can be. And- I agree- many people do not dress appropriately for their interview. Kudos to your son for buying a suit-- it IS important to dress for success!


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