A beautiful view not far from my brother's home

I'm back from my holidays visiting the family. Flew home on Sunday evening after 10 wonderful days away.  My dear husband was very pleased to have me home (I think he lived on Chinese takeaway in my absences as none of the food in the fridge or freezer had been eaten), my eldest son had baked me the most delicious chocolate cake and Ruby hasn't stopped chatting to me. Its lovely to be wanted!

Monday I did the washing (not that I had very much), did some grocery shopping (and throw away the uneaten [very off] vegetables from the fridge) and enjoyed being at home. Today (Tuesday) I am in the middle of making strawberry jam (can you smell it cooking?), then my dear husband is taking me out for lunch and the afternoon (God willing) will be spent in the sunshine with a book.  Tomorrow (whilst my husband is at a meeting) I am off to Floriade (flower exhibition) to take photos of tulips!

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I will whizz around the house with the vacuum cleaner.  Dusting was done yesterday when I was doing the washing. I strongly believe that housework shouldn't get in the way of an enjoyable day!!  Life is just too short to waste on housework!!  Anyway, its quite neat and tidy as we speak!

Canola Fields (Rapeseed)
So, what is your plans for the week?

An old cottage that has been done up
Better dash, time for a shower and look a little more respectable than I do now. 

The sun is shinning, the birds are singing, the dogs are barking and I can hear a lawnmower in the distances!!  Time to start enjoying my day, don't want to miss a minute. 

Hugs all round:)


  1. Glad you had a pleasant visit to your family. :-) Sounds like you are going to make good use of the rest of your time off judging by the start you made. My husband was off work last week. We took a couple days to go out and do mostly fun things. The other days were full of gently paced projects and work and a fair a bit of relaxation as well.

    This week is about getting back on track and, for him, starting a new job. So far the transition appears to be going quite well for him. :-)

    1. Yes, I had a wonderful time with my family - seeing mum so much more positive was uplifting and I praise the Lord for this opportunity with her. I also spent the time with my American brother and his lovely wife (which is one of the reasons I did this trip) - they fly back to the USA tomorrow which is very sad as it will be awhile before I see them again.

      These next 4 weeks will be ones of enjoyment and relaxation - the weather should be nice (most of the time) so we plan to go out and about and enjoy the sunshine. better finish, almost time for lunch.

  2. Welcome back Jo! Sounds like you had a lovely time away! We are in the midst of school holiday activities this week (though I have been doing a little school work as I've been able to fit it in as we take our holidays when kids are at school usually:) )

  3. Sounds wonderful, Jo! Enjoy your relaxing time at home doing as you please - I love hearing about your doings! :)

  4. Jo-- sounds like a lovely visit-- that cottage photo is gorgeous. Don't you always dread all the busy things you have to do when you return home from travels??!!

    Strawberry jam sounds delightful!

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