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One of the nice things about being at home is having far more time to read . . . this morning after popping down to the supermarket, I lay on the bed and read for an hour. Likewise this afternoon, Ruby and I lay on the bed and read some more with a mug of hot tea.  As I didn't have any jobs that needed to be done, reading was one activity that was perfect for a cold day. 

Perhaps this is why I am not a stay-at-home wife, far too many hours would be spent reading - the Lord knew best I think.

So what I am reading. 

In the mornings over breakfast I am reading "Respectable Sin" by Jerry  Bridges, a very thought-provoking book that gets you really thinking. Prior to this I read his other book "Trusting God", which I would recommend to others.  I particular like his style of writing - straight to the point.

During the day I have been reading "The Necessary Aptitude: A Memoir" by Pam Ayres, a British writer and entertainer who wrote many poems that I read as a child/teenager that I found so funny. The book traces her life, youngest of 6 children in post-war Britain (where they had nothing) trying to better herself out of poverty.  It has been a fascinating read and one I have found most enjoyable. 

In between I am reading "Real Food: What to eat and why" by Nina Planck - a very interesting look at real foods (i.e. butter) compared to manufactured foods (margarine) and what effects these manufactured foods are having on our health and why we should return to the foods that are real and not processed. 
Anyone else do this!!!!
And when I am not reading (but want to relax), I have started to watch the series "Christy" based on the books of the same name by Catherine Marshall. I am really enjoy this very gentle and heartfelt Christian series. 

Its sounds like I have far to much time on my hands!!!  Probably:)) But I am on holidays.  What are you currently reading? It might give me some ideas. 


  1. I'm not really reading much at all, but I do have a whole box or two of books I WANT to read when we're moved and I have more time to relax!!!

    It sounds like you are making WONDERFUL use of your holidays -- holidays are for relaxing and taking a break (as well as doing the projects you're doing). :) :)

    Glad you're enjoying Christy. :)

    1. I have a whole box of books to read - but I keep adding to it, therefore never see the bottom of the box.

      I discovered that there are 3 "movies" that follow the TV series that give further details of her life as the series never finished (as you know). Have you seen these movies at all?

    2. No - I haven't! I'm not sure if I ever saw anything about them, either...

  2. Sounds like a great way to relax and enjoy your holidays! As for me I'm currently not in a season of reading much other than the Bible and a few books chritsian books in snippets here and there. Continue to enjoy your holidays Jo!

    1. I am enjoying the holidays :))) Planning a picnic, God willing next week.

  3. I love reading as long as it's fiction, fact is good to but not so relaxing funny I don't read as much as I did when I was working.

  4. I "get into trouble" with reading, for I tend to read too many books at a time and then don't finish them. Currently though, I'm just reading a few devotional books.

    1. I always finish a book - otherwise I feel guilty for giving up and letting the author down - strange I know!!!

  5. Sounds like you're having a good holiday. :-)

    I just finished reading "The House of Tudor" by Alison Plowden. It was an interesting insight into the machinations of that era of British royalty. A few interesting things gleaned, but in particular it was re-emphasized in my mind how utterly foolish it is for little girls to wish they were princesses - and for parents to encourage such silliness. Princesses have challenges and sorrows that we "ordinary" people can never imagine.

    The book I read just before that was "Tulipomania" by Mike Dash. Quite an interesting history of how tulips got to Holland and the various manias they inspired - yes, the Netherlands was probably to most stunning, but not the only one! The last flower-related mania to afflict mankind was in China in the 1980s! Of course, the main thing the book brought to mind was our own foolish real estate bubble here in the U.S which has been bursting for several years now.

    1. I read Tulipomania and thoroughly enjoyed it, I learnt a lot about tulips and their value a few hundred years ago. It was interesting to read about their part in the Dutch Stock Exchange.

      The Tudors is a very interesting time in British history and one I have watched on several very good BBC documentaries. Fathers married off their daughters, as with Anne Boylen to give the family status,wealth and importances, the fathers and brothers had little concern about their daughters. It wasn't done for love, just names. No I wouldn't want to be a princess as Kate is probably finding out now - but she did marry the man she loved and that will come at a price. Our Princess Mary who married the future Danish King seems to have been born for the role - she is such a graceful elegant woman with her 4 children.


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