The many uses of melamine trays

I am a (big) fan of these small melamine trays. I have quite a few and as they are cheap (they start from approximately $5.00), like to add to my collection.  They come with all sorts of designs, often pretty pictures that are feminine and colourful for any kitchen and they come in different sizes. My friends asked me why I buy them and I said I have many uses for them, and here are some:

* When I am preparing dinner I cut up all my vegetables and place them on these trays.  I find this makes my cooking so much faster having everything prepared before I start.
* They are very handy when cooking and you need to rest your spoon or tongs on something. 
* Great for an afternoon tea mug and a little snack.

* Handy when defrosting meat as it saves the shelf in the fridge from getting wet.

* Great as a serving tray.

* I keep one in the fridge for oily containers e.g. the feta cheese container.

This is a longer version of the tray.

* Great for a central location for keys or sunglasses, anything really.

* Place one near the sink for the plug and soap. Or use in the bathroom.

* Take one to bed with your nightcap and treat!

* A great gift idea - with so many different designs they make for a perfect gift for someone, just add some teabags, chocolates and shortbread and wrap with cellophane 

The sky is the limit when it comes to these melamine trays. I hope I have inspired you to add these to your kitchen. Why not have these pretty things around, as it makes working in the kitchen even more enjoyable.

Being a cat fan, I just love this design!
Some come with matching assessories that are so pretty.


  1. I like them too, they have lots of little uses and they are easy to clean and are pretty.

  2. O, I like them also. Here in Holland we have pretty ones , with Delft Blue print/design.

  3. I really like these little trays too, although thus far I haven't really had many opportunities to buy them or use them. I've seen so many beautiful ones!

  4. Wow, I think you have inspired me to add some:) I never would have thought to use them in these ways you mentioned. I love your practical wisdom you share here Jo:)

    1. Thankyou Rosemary:))))) These are so pretty, I am sure your daughter could find some uses for them too!!!

  5. melamine trays are very lovely with lots of different decorations and colors. they are must haves for any home!


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