Trip to Floriade

After a leisurely start to the day (with breakfast in bed with my book), my husband and I drove into the city and whilst DH went off to a meeting I walked around Floriade (spring flower exhibition) and enjoyed the flowers.  Being school holidays it was very busy and as usual people kept getting in the way of a good photo!!  But I did manage a few that do not contain many people!!

Poppies - one of my favourite flowers - gorgeous creams.

The colours were just beautiful this year (and haven't been damaged by wind or rain) and most of the tulips were in bloom, creating this glorious carpet. 

I love bluebells and each year this is always a beautiful and peaceful display.

As I was walking along the lake I was surprised to see this black swan sitting on her/his nest. It was a beautiful sight to see and the swan didn't seem to mind me standing and watching, must be use to people.  The black swan is a native to Australia and like the white swan, a very large and graceful creature.

We got home at 1pm, just in time for chicken sandwiches and a nice hot cup of tea.   Tomorrow will be a spent at home - gardening in the morning (creating a place for this years tomatoes) followed by some more photo editing, reading and snoozing in the afternoon.  Quite enjoying this whole holiday thing!!!

An artist at work - I wasn't overly excited by his style and I didn't like the use of glitter painting at all, but he did make for an interesting subject!


PS The strawberry jam I made yesterday worked really well - no problems setting and tastes yum - 10 jars of jam.


  1. Beautiful! I really love tulips! Would love to come down there sometime to see the Floriade! Lovely photos, as always, Jo! :)

    Mmm... fresh strawberry jam. That would be delicious on some hot scones with a dollop of double cream!!! :)

    1. Strawberries are cheap at the moment so cooked up 2kgs and yes, it would go nicely on scones:)))).

      This year I saw burnt orange tulips that had to be my favourites. Ive printed the one I posted on Facebook to make into a card for my mum, it's so bright and happy.

  2. Jo these photos are simply breathtaking-- the flowers are magnificent. I love the bluebells!! Such a lovely place to spend the day! You are off to a beautiful start to your spring!


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