A girl can't have too many cookbooks

I don't often buy a cookbook just for the illustrations, but I did the other day as I just loved the drawings. In our local shopping centre we have a bookstore that sells most books for $5 (a few are $10 or $15) and they have an excellent range of cookbooks. With my slight addiction to cookbooks (and books in general) I couldn't help myself and I have bought a few.  But my favourite is the one below "With Heart and Soul" by Roxie Kelly and friends, illustrated by Shelly Reeves Smith.  Fortunately, even the recipes are good - so I was thrilled with this $5 purchase.

Its even got a special bookmark!
However, this single purchase has lead me to buy (or request for Christmas) the rest of the Roxie Kelly cookbook series that have been illustrated by Shelly Reeves Smith and my 2013 calendar is also illustrated by Smith.  So my $5 purchase did turn out to be a little more expensive but giving me hours of enjoyment with more to come.

Isn't this pretty
Each recipe is so beautifully presented with pretty borders and illustrations. 
I love the font in this cookbook - very homely!
Aren't the illustrations so pretty. I made this recipe and it was very nice:)

Here are the other cookbooks I bought and have marked a number of recipes to make. 
I bought the Welsh cookbook for my husband as he is Welsh. The bread cookbook looks promising and I plan to make a few in coming weeks. 
Made last nights lamb mince dish from this - very yummy.  Lots of good photos in this one and easy to follow recipes.

My husband made the tomato, sadine and olive salad from this book, I gave it a miss as I don't like sardines or olives.
At $5, I can see myself buying a few more that I probably don't need, but they are great to read in bed in the evening!!  And I have bought a few for gifts. 


  1. Hi Joluise..
    I love buying books too, and $5 is a great price.
    I LOVE the cookbooks with the illustrations you have...they are beautiful
    Barb from Australia

  2. I have one from Roxie Kelly too. I love the way the recipes are written. And I also have a cookbook fetish. It's getting worse every year. I could never live long enough to make half the recipes either. LOL!
    Have a great night.

    1. I won't even make 1/2 the recipes!!! But they are still fun to read in bed and make recipes that I "dream" of making.

  3. YAY YAY YAY! I'm not the only person who reads cookbooks in bed at night time then!!!
    I have a cookbook addiction too! Last year I promised myself that I would cook at least one meal from each book before I bought any more.... So far this year I've only bought one cookbook!!! (and feeling very deprived!)
    That book does look presented in a lovely way! I love the pictures and the font too! :-)

    1. Perhaps I should set myself a challenge and make recipes from these books, or I could just keep reading them in bed!!!

  4. Oh! They ARE really cute Jo. I can understand you loving them:)

  5. Love those illustrations, Jo - they are gorgeous!
    I too find myself collecting recipe books - recently got a few more international cuisine cookbooks... So fun! :) You'll have to let me know how your Russian, Polish and German one goes - one of the ones I got recently was a Polish cookbook, but I'm yet to try the recipes!

    1. When I went back to the store to buy Tristan one of the Polish/German/Russian cookbooks they had sold out and had other countries including Africa. So they must be very popular. I am hoping to make a dish from this on the weekend. I will let you know.

  6. Oh, the pictures are very cute in the one you got for its illustrations! I've never seen a cookbook like that before. I hope you are well!

    1. I have to admit I have bought a couple of "With Heart and Soul" to give to friends for birthday and Christmas as they are so lovely to look at.

  7. Oh, cookbooks! Lovely!

    I don't Care for Germanic foods much, but the Lebanese book looks interesting. Love the pretty one!

  8. Hi Jo--- what a sweet little cookbook// I'd have bright that one home for sure! Love the illustrations! I need to check out the series--- I hope you put that request in a letter to Santa!


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