Art Friday: Chris LaPorte

Artist: Chri LaPorte
American artist

This is amazing and no it is not a photo. It took over 1200 hours and 100 H2 pencils and completed by Chris LaPorte. This is one very talented man.  The painting above spans 13 x 26 feet and is based on a 80-year old photo that he found in his mothers basement. The photo was blurred and in poor condition, damaged with age, but he used it as inspiration to create this master-piece as part of the ArtPrize 2012 in Michigan. 

In 2010, LaPorte hand-drew"The Calvary", a photorealist drawing of 63 World War I American cavalrymen in the 1921, winning the same art prize he won this year. 


  1. Wow, that is amazing artwork!!!

    1. I thought it was amazing - so much patiences required.

  2. That is so true to life it is hard to believe it is not a photo, you do not know how big it is until you see the man standing beside it, just amazing.


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