Christmas shopping

Not very Australian I know!!

Australians expect to spend an average $419 on presents, down 10 per cent on last year.  Thirty-five per cent plan to spend less than last year, 52 per cent the same and 13 per cent more, the phone poll of 1200 people. (link)

I have, for the first time, almost completed my Christmas shopping.  Usually I leave some items until December, but this year I have been feeling very organised and decided to start early and get it all done by the 30th of November and I am on par to achieving this. Not only that, most are wrapped as well - a bit more yesterday noon when I came home from work.  It feels such a relief to been this organised.

I have done much of my shopping online — this isn’t unusual for me — I am a fan of online shopping and do most of my everyday shopping online these days. Not only because it can be cheaper, I have a greater range to choice from (particularly with books and DVDs), I can shop whenever I want to, the parcels are delivered to my door and no parking is required. Ordering online does require a level of organizational skill if you want parcels to arrive before Christmas and not after, but generally things don't take that long to get to Australia.   The only thing I have had to do is tell my husband not to open any parcel addressed to me — he just might open one of his own presents!!

For those of you who buy gifts, how is it going? 

Who do you find the hardest to buy for?

For me, it is my husband as he has everything he wants and won't give me any clues. He just says "surprise me".   Now that I have a daughter-in-law, I finally have a girl to spoil. Not having any sisters or daughters I have missed buying girly things!! So watch out if I ever have a grand-daughter!!


As for Christmas meals, I have got as far as baked ham for lunch, turkey for dinner and cheesecake for lunch. However with a vegetarian in the family who won't eat ham or turkey, I have to find a Christmas recipe (something fancy) for my son! Any ideas dear friends?  Even though he has been experimenting with vegan, he says he will most certainly be eating the cheesecake!!


  1. Wow! You are so organised Jo! Just like I said on the other post:) I haven't even started yet! Well not quite, I have a couple I bought last week :) don't have any vegetarian recipes to share unfortunately. How lovely for your d in law to be spoiled by you. She is a blessed girl!

    1. This is the first year I have done it all before December - but I have to say that on-line shopping has made it so much easier and stress free. I usually do the "shopping" in the evening and within a few days its in my letter box.

      My son wants me to make a Lentil Loaf so I might have to do some research.


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