Wedding anniversaries

Do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Do you remember other peoples wedding anniversaries?

Ours tends to come and go and is often forgotten. It's the 27th of December (not that I want you all to remember this date!) and gets lost between Christmas and New Year. We don't do anything special and we don't give each other gifts, but it should be something we celebrate, especially after 22 years.

 However I would like to remember my son's wedding anniversary (1st of August) and make sure I mark the occasion with a card and a gift that matches the year. 


With many marriages ending in divorce or young people just not getting married - we should make a deal out of wedding anniversaries as they important and do mark a special occasion (or milestone), especially in this day and age when marriage isn't seen as important. 

And its fun to find a gift to match the special day.  I tend to use the traditional anniversary list.


 Happy 5th Anniversary to my dear cousin Clara - I see that you and your little family had a very special day.

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing,
and obtaineth favour of the LORD. 
Provbers 18:22


  1. Hi Joluise...I agree with you.Anniversaries should be acknowledged.
    In this time of throw's good to see marriages that are enduring.
    Happy Anniversary to you,your son and your cousin. xxxxxx and hugs to you all.
    We just celebrated our 50th Anniv. on the weekend.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

    1. Barb - happy 50th Anniversary - that is certainly one to celebrate:))) I don't think we will see many of those any more which is very sad.

  2. I agree, wedding anniversaries should be remembered! We had a lovely time... Thank you. :) I don't often thing to look up the traditional gift used to mark each year's anniversary, so I find it fun that you always tell me what it is each year (wood this year, as you said)! And thank you for the lovely anniversary surprise in the mail, too. x

    It's too bad your wedding anniversary gets hidden amongst the days of the holiday season - 22 years is remarkable in our current society!!!

    1. Yes, 22 years is remarkable in this day and age! Good for you and your husband, Jo! :-)

  3. Clara - Its fun to find a small gift that matches the year - but I doubt I will be around to give you a 50th wedding anniversary!!

  4. We celebrate our anniversaries. Of course, my husband and I were both in our 30s when we married and neither of us had been married before, so every year we have together is a special blessing from God in our thinking! :-)

    1. Completely agree - people have forgotten why they fell in love in the first place and put no importances in celebrating these milestones.

  5. We just celebrated 18 years recently! Happy anniversary to Clara too!

    1. Congratulations for 18 years - its so nice to hear of couples reaching these years as its fast disappearing.

    2. Congratulations on 18 years, Rosemary!! :)

  6. Jo- if my husband forgot our anniversary-- I'd be so hurt---
    We usually don't buy gifts-- but he always gives me a beautiful card with a lovely note inside. I've kept them all--


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