Welcome to the new week

Just loved this - very true in my case. 

Just a quick entry today as I know you are all very busy.

What are your plans for the coming week?

I have four more weeks at work before two weeks leave. This is always a nice time at work with Christmas parties (and yummy morning teas) and a lot more fun and laughter (I think because the weather is sunny and warm!).


For my American family and friends - did you all have a lovely Thanksgiving?

Was it a calm and relaxing day or more like Doris Lee's painting (1935).  Only the dog looks relaxed!

Thought I would share with you a couple of photos of the Hebe growing in my garden. The shrubs are covered in these gorgeous white flowers and the butterflies and bees are very happy. 

The garden is doing so well at the moment, I think we have had the right amount of rain and warmth.  Even the vegetables are doing very well. The tomatoes are growing before my eyes (and I can see baby tomatoes growing), the sweetcorn (which need plenty of water and fertiliser) look very happy and I think I am not that far off from getting zucchinis.  And I have already had my first strawberry. 

Its all very exciting:)

How are your gardens going?


Enjoy today . . . it won't come back. 

(Amish Proverb)

Thought this was funny!!


  1. Do like your tiny green sign it's sweet.

  2. The cleaning quote is SO true!!! :)
    Our plans for this week include choosing carpets, more house painting, projects with the children, summer school unit studies, and whatever else comes up!
    We didn't have time for Thanksgiving traditions this year - although we're very thankful (as always) anyway! ;)
    Your Hebe (and the butterfly) photos are beautiful! I'd never heard of a Hebe before... And your garden sounds wonderful :)
    The tiny grass sign is funny!!!

    1. Hebe is a NZ plant that is very hardy - they can grow into quite large shrubs that don't need much care, except for a prune every now and again.

      Another busy week:) Enjoy carpet selection, we generally go for the nature colours with no patterns.

    2. I'm with you there - no patterns on carpet, and natural carpet colour is our choice, too. :)

      And Dan (and I, of course) would like to know when you're going to come and visit us too???? :D

  3. I would not have thought that cleaning quote would be you Jo:) as you seem so organised and have such good cleaning and other systems in place :) love the flowers! Busy week of school, dance performances at scripture assemblies for Rebekah, homeschool get togethers etc is our plan for the week. Have a great week!

    1. When I know a visitor is coming I buzz around and do all those little extras that might get missed!!

      Sounds like you have a busy week. All the best for Rebekah - may she do well in her dance.

  4. We have visitors so the house gets clean!!!! So when are you coming? =) Just had G'pa and A Lois here - was wonderful to see them both. Saw lots of people today - including your brother and sis-in-law! Hoping this will be a more relaxed week, though Rossie's operation is planned for Friday. Praying this goes smoothly...

    1. I haven't planned my leave for next year, but I will certainly be putting you on the top of my list:))))) Can you please send me a text and tell me how the funeral went?

      Rossie is in my prayers:)


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