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"Blue Poles" by Jackson Pollack - when Australia bought this painting in 1973 for $1.3 million it caused an outcry. It was considered a complete waste of money. Now, it is considered one of Pollack's best paintings and worth somewhere between $20-100 million.  It is large and powerful and I will admit I really like it.

I have done an art segment for the last three or so years without a break.  At times it has been be very hard to think up ideas that will interest others and most are time consuming to put together. As you would have noticed I have tried to share a variety of art forms and included both modern and the more traditional art.

For the next few weeks I am taking a break (a much needed break!) . . . this will give me time to prepare some for the new year which I hope you will enjoy. 

A picture is worth a thousand words
Napoleon Bonaparte

Just after Christmas, my husband and I are off to see the Henri Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Australia. Very excited. Have already ordered my catalogue!
And I was very excited to hear that a Turner exhibition will be coming to the National Capital in June to celebrate our 100th birthday.  

And I will leave you with this - a chandelier made from 3,000 Gumby Bears by Kevin Champeny!!  My son would love this, he loves Gumby Bears - BUT, they aren't real lollies, they have all been hand casted using acrylic. So nothing edible. 


  1. I must admit Blue Poles is not a painting that I like very much but I haven't seen the original sometimes that changes your mind. I'm glad Turner's painting are coming to Canberra it would be nice if they came to Sydney too.

    1. I was very excited about Turner coming and will certainly book my tickets. i think it will be a very popular exhibition. The NGA is very good at getting these wonderful exhibitions and they do such a great job.

      I am not as keen on Toulouse-Lautrec but I won't miss the opportunity to see his works in real life!!

      Blue Poles isn't every ones cup of tea!

  2. I do not like Blue Poles ~ which I think I've said before. I am, however, terribly envious of the Turner Exhibition. I adore Turner. Yes, I like the impressionists but I'm not keen on anything angular or full of violent colour ~ like Blue Poles lol I think it's a nightmare.

    I will miss these posts while you have your break but understand perfectly how time consuming they must be to put together.

    1. I will be back :)) I really enjoy doing the segment but it can be time consuming at times:))

      I knew that you didn't like Blue Poles - just quickly skip over that picture!!!

      Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Wow, it's hard to fathom that a painting like Blue Poles could valued at so much. That seems over inflated to me. :-) At least it lends itself to the overall value of your money there. ;-)

    The Turner exhibit sound interesting, and I really like the gunny bear chandelier! Love the colors. :-) And, I understand about some posts taking too much time to prepare. It can be a challenge sometimes!

    1. Please forgive my numerous typos. Apparently this is not a good typing day for me!

    2. Maybe Clara could make a Gummy Bear chandelier for her new house!! That would certainly add colour to any room.
      I am preparing some new art segments for next year with the pressure of meeting a deadline!

  4. Have enjoyed your art posts very much! :)
    Blue Poles is not my cup of tea, either... Which I'm sure you would already have guessed!
    The Gummy Bears are cute, and I love how it's so colourful!!
    Enjoy your break! x


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