If someone asked me to describe summer by using the smell of food I would have to say beetroot cooking. I have fond memories of my mother cooking the home grown beetroot in the pressure cooker and allowing me to remove the outer skin once cooked and cooled. She would then slice and cover the beetroot in vinegar/water mix and we would eat it all summer.  Yum.

My homegrown beetroot is always poor (very small), but fortuntely it is cheap to buy at the farmers market so I often buy a bunch and fill my kitchen with those summer smells. My husband doesn't like beetroot so I get to eat it all myself.   In winter I love to roast the beetroot in alfoil (with a dash of oil) and eat when slightly carmalised. 

Did you know (source - this link contains some interesting recipes):
  • Beetroot is high in fibre and folate and contains manganese, vitamin C and potassium.
  • The bright purple colour is from antioxidants called betacyanins that may help prevent high blood pressure and protect blood vessels.
  • Beetroot leaves are rich in vitamin K and the antioxidant beta-carotene.
Not that any of this will convince my son or husband to eat it!!

How do you cook your beetroot?

Beetroot and Goats Cheese salad with walnuts
Balsamic lamb and beetroot salad
Beetroot and chocolate pudding - healthy and yummy!!


  1. I love beets! I like to juice them or add them to my salads! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Have a great day,

    Mrs. A.

    1. I've never had them juiced but it does sound very nice.


  2. love beetroot but alas I've never cooked it from scratch. sadly the tinned variety is all I eat. I should try roasting it, that sounds nice!

  3. I LOVE beetroot, especially homemade pickled sliced beetroot (my recipe tastes VERY similar to the canned variety). One of my favourite plants to grow in the garden, and preserve! :)

    1. Clara, mine is a little firmer than the tin version and a little less sweet which is why I prefer the homecooked. I also like it before the vinegar is added so I always eat a bit as I'm cutting it up.

  4. I love them roasted, I part cook them first (boil) so i can remove the skins, then roast. I noted one TV foodie grating them raw into a salad but have not yet tried that.


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