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I spent today wondering what I would write in my blog this evening. I have a piece on guns but that just made me so cross I have decided not to write about it.  But to put it simply - no one needs a semi-automatic gun in their home. But that is not going to happen is it?  Sad for the 20 children who died, it could have been their legacy. Who has the courage to stand up and change the law - approximately 31 000 people each year in the USA as a result of guns. Does anyone care?

Then I thought about write a piece on mental health, but that is both complex and difficult to write about - so I won't go there tonight.  

So instead I thought I would write on something else . . . teachers. They often get a bad wrap in blog-land. I find this sad. Whilst not every teacher is perfect and some probably should never be teachers, there are many fine and dedicated teachers doing a wonderful job. I had some of these when I was school and so did my children and my friends children.

We have just witness this dedication (and bravery) in the USA, teachers who died saving their students, teachers who rescued children and saved lives.  Many teachers put their heart and soul into what they do - and some even pay the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. I have very fond memories of many of my teachers. I particualarly liked my history teacher, she made history come alive and I learn so much. The art teacher gave me a passion for art and art history. Whilst I wasn't fond of my geography teacher, I did learn a lot from her.

My mother was a teacher, a very dedicated and caring teacher who did a wonderful job with her pupils. I know, I was one of those pupils.

Lets remember their bravery.


  1. You are right no one needs a semi automatic in their home, if the laws were changed and gun laws were tightened people could still own guns if there was a need but there would be more control and a record of who owned what.
    Teachers are amazing, I would be at a loss in a situation where I was in control of a class full children and danger like that happening all around me.

  2. I'm just curious about what law you would change regarding guns. Because as sad as this tragedy was, the gun wasn't to blame. If they outlawed guns then they would need to outlaw knives, baseball bats, tomahawks, bows and arrows, etc. because any and all of them are dangerous in the hands of a person not in their right mind.
    Drugs are illegal yet they are still everywhere because if someone wants something bad enough they will find a way to get it. A law isn't going to change that. Banning guns would just leave innocent people unable to protect themselves.
    And as for the teachers, my hubby and I were just talking the other day about how they don't get paid enough for all they do. They go above and beyond what is asked of them and nobody seems to care. I think they should get paid as much as the politicians do if you ask me.
    Just my thoughts.

  3. Kim@ In 1996 Australia had its worst massacre with the deaths of 35 people which included the point blank killing of 2 young girls. Within 10 days our government was working on changing the law – we now have tight gun laws, you can own a gun but the regulations around the registration, storage and use is very strict. In reality most individuals do not need a gun to defend themselves and those guns in Australia are for sport or farm use. Since that time we have had no massing killing and our rate of assault (murder) has dropped considerably. It has had a major effect on the number of persons killed by a gun and now the “buy-back” scheme is held up as an example of what can work. As for knives , we also have strict laws about carrying a knife around.

    Our mindset around guns is so different to America – most Australian’s feel quite safe and don’t think they need a gun in the house to defend themselves. We struggle to understand or even comprehend the gun attitude of the USA.

    1. I think the real problem is that our country has turned their backs on God and most of the politicians that are in office right now are corrupt. Don't even get me started on our current president. OY! As much as I love America, the people in office are slowly tearing it down. And whether they want to admit it or not, they are creating this unsafe environment in which we live.
      Our founding fathers had it right and it was all going in a positive direction and now slowly over the years it has gotten completely out of control and because of that we do feel the need to defend ourselves. If the government could 100% guarantee that guns could not get in the hands of those that want to cause harm then I would gladly give up our guns but until then we feel the need to have them.
      I guess it is what it is. Maybe we should move to Australia. LOL! But I hear you have HUGE spiders and I am so not a fan of spiders.
      You still love me? :-)

    2. We discussed this over lunch today and we decided we didn't really understand the American mindset on this topic!! Whilst your forefathers wrote about the bearing of arms in the constitution, they didn't mean assault rifles and semi-automatic machine guns (with families having multiple weapons in their homes) + the stockpiling of bullets or the big business it has become today. They perhaps would not have written it if they knew where Americans would take it.

      After the mass killing in Scotland in 1996 where 15 children died gun ownership was tightened up - since then the crime rate has dropped across Britain. Likewise in Canada. The statistics clearly show that where gun laws have made it harder to own a gun - crime declined.

      No one can 100% guarantee anything, but we already know it does make a huge differences and does save lives.

      If a terrorist had walked into that school and shot 20 children the entire population would want something done about it. Why is this any different. This person it would appear was suffering from some form of mental illness. Its time for change.

      PS we rarely have deaths from spiders or snakes in Australia even though some are deadly.

      And yes, still love across the ocean - its perhaps a topic that we won't agree on :))

  4. I wonder why it is that for thousands of years people managed just fine, and then they decided guns were integral to defending themselves... Yes, bow and arrows can be used, yes knives can be used... But who seriously hears of mass murders using those weapons? For that matter bombs could be used for mass murders, but aren't they outlawed and hasn't that prevented them being used in such a way in most countries? And mightn't it work the same way with guns that can cause death so rapidly, as well?

    The gun topic gets me really mad and I don't think I'll go there too much. I think Americans who think a gun is required for defence by the general public are rather naive (no offense, anyone here). It shows that they live in fear, and people feed off fear, and fear feeds itself. If guns were eliminated and people stopped feeding the fear frenzy, it would seriously make a difference to society.
    Australians just don't live in that kind of fear - what is the point?

    I'd rather choose to trust the LORD than guns or knives or any other kind of weapon, any day, anyway.

    1. Clara - I spent all day yesterday looking at deaths as a result of guns and I was quite cross by the evening (really cross!). The number of guns bought after Obama won his second term in the USA made me angry - there is no reason for it at all. The USA is not going to fall apart or become a complete mess - this is an imagine created by a handful of people who have a hatred that is so UNCHRISTIAN and unhealthy. And yes, its all about a FEAR that does not exist.

      Owning a gun for protection means you aren't trusting the Lord as far as I am concerned. And this thing about "its might right" do Christians have rights - the right to do as they please? No.

      Ok, enough of this - I could rant for a lot longer and like you it makes me cross.

    2. @ Clara,I'm all about being able to agree to disagree but your comment hit below the belt. You don't know me. I am not naive. I live here, I've lived here my whole life and I've seen this great country slowly crumble and it's not because of guns. It's because they insist on taking God out of everything. They take him out and then they expect his protection over them or blame Him when things go wrong. Just look at the Old Testament and Israel.
      And as far as trusting Him I do trust Him, with my whole heart but I also know that He gives us discernment to do what we feel we need to do.
      Your comment hurt and I know it was aimed at me because I'm the only other one who comment so your (no offense anyone here) didn't soften the blow any.
      I understand where you all are coming from but I'm not bashing you for saying it. I take it to heart.

    3. Kim@ I hope I didn't offend you in any way, this is a topic that does cause division and that is one reason in the USA this is such a painful topic to tackle. We both have views that are poles apart, so how does the US people and government reach a conclusion that saves lives. As clearly something needs to be done.

      God has been removed from most things here - perhaps even more than the US, its the same everywhere. And to be honest it doesn't really matter who you have in power that will still happen as voters in general are not interested in Christianity at all. They all want to do their own thing - me, me and me and when they don't like something they hurt others. Its a sad affair but one we shouldn't be surprised with at all as the Bible tells us this will happen.

      Hugs :))

    4. @ Kim
      I'm married to an American - he moved here to Australia to marry me after living his whole life to that point in USA. My comment was not aimed at you personally - I never meant it that way. I have many many American friends and acquaintances and quite frankly, I believe that those who think guns are the answer have a very strange and naive perspective - it's got nothing to do with singling one person out, because a HUGE quantity of Americans stand behinds guns!!! Truth be told, I actually barely skimmed over the comments written here on the post, and just wrote my thoughts to a very old and much discussed topic in my very own household. My husband often brings up the bows and arrows/knives argument. He also brings up the examples of states in USA where owning a gun is mandatory (??) and how that has cut crime rates down (know anything about that, Jo??) etc etc. But as I always say... The mentally unstable are still mentally unstable - and it would be far better if guns were not easily obtained. Criminals will always find a way if they are determined enough, but why make it so easy for them to obtain their weapons??

      Ugh... A subject I could talk about much.

      Sorry for offending - it was not aimed at you personally. My sorry no offence anyone comment was for any American who read the comments because I know for a fact that Jo has multiple American readers to her blog - some who would agree on this topic and some who would disagree, I am sure.


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