Gift idea for my sons

My sons make me laugh sometimes.

At Christmas I sometimes give them gift ideas for their father or myself - being boys they do need some guidance in this area!   This Christmas I found a lovely necklace (below) that wasn't too expensive ( I am conscious of the price as I don't want them spending large amounts of money on gifts!) that I thought would be good if they were stuck for ideas.  I showed the necklace to my youngest son (who has just started to work in a restarant) and said this would be perfect and I would have T and C stamped (their first initials) on the little tags.

He said he thought the necklace was lovely.  I said it was $30, and he replied "Thats far too cheap to spend on you,  mums should get far more expensive gifts"!!!!

Butterfly necklace by Flights of Fancy (
The next evening my eldest son rang and asked if I could send the link for the necklace.  He also liked it, but to echo his brother, "Mum, that's too cheap"!!!!

Aren't they adorable sometimes!!

For those in Australia - is just like Etsy with lots and lots of wonderful homemade products. I often buy my jewerlly from this website because it is generally inexpensive, great variety, low postage and its builds cottage industry in this country.


  1. Aww! I'm glad they value you and want to show it by buying you nice things. :)

  2. Hi Joluise,
    I try to steer my family away from expensive presents, too.
    Doesn't always work.
    I like the idea of the boys initials on the makes the necklace special.
    I'm glad they are giving you something you really like.
    Have a good day
    Barb from Australia

    1. They are both very good at finding presents, in particular my youngest (who is 20), he has always bought presents that are spot on so he knows me well. My eldest often needs a little help and asks me what I would like.

  3. Jo-- your boys are so sweet to value their Momma so much-- love this story!! I think the necklace is a perfect gift for them to give you-- love the idea of their initials on the tags--

    1. Thankyou:))) They are very sweet boys indeed, even if they do cause me some grief from time to time!!

  4. Awww...aren't they gorgeous (your sons) :) love how they love you!


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