Three weeks to 2013

Three weeks to the end of the year, where has the year gone?

2013 is fast approaching.

Who goes into a new year with grand plans?

I don't . . . not anymore, I think I am just getting too old!!

Perhaps because the children are all grown up, I no longer have anyone to organise or plan for.

Anyway . . .  may you all have a good week ahead of you.

For those in Australia, I pray that you don't melt with the summer heat, or for those who need rain, that you get some soon.

And I will leave you with this quote from my Amish proverbs book:

The real secret of happiness
is not what you give or what
you receive it's what you share.


  1. I love the quote, its message so true, the billboard is also lovely. We are actually cold this morning but will keep the heat prayer in mind if I start melting.
    Blessings back to you Nell

  2. I don't make new year's resolutions - purely because i think is something is important enough in my life to make a change it shouldn't have to wait til a new year for it to begin!
    I agree that life is good with books and cats !!! :-)

  3. Unbelieveable how soon it will be a new year.
    I agree with Sandy - no need for new year's resolutions - they just set people up for failure, I reckon.
    As for the melting - we're not melting here; the weather has been lovely. And we're very thankful for the rain we've had over the past couple days - it was much needed! :)

    1. We have had lovely weather here with a nice balance of sun, cloud and rain and the garden is enjoying it all.

  4. Love that quote! Our pastor was preaching on this yesterday - life is about shared experiences / sharing experiences with others. We need each other!


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