Art Friday: A cake too good to eat

I came across this wedding cake the other day and thought it was amazing. Not that I would want this as my wedding cake

 I asked the lady (Beth Mottershead, UK) who created it (I found her via Facebook) if I could share her wonderful creation with you, she said yes.  
Neil Redfern was the photographer. 

The (fruit) cake is 1 metre wide and was created for a Russian couple getting married in France.  This is the venue they were married at - the Chateau de Challain, Loire Valley.  Even the windows (ground floor) have lights in them!!

It took at least 3 months to plan and 10 days to make.

Beth is not only an amazing cake decorator, she has a PhD in Materials Science!! What a combination.

The real castle!
Her Facebook page "Cakes by Beth" contain 100's of photos of the most amazing wedding cakes and they are worth checking out if you are interested in cake decorating. 

Whilst on the topic of castles - this is quite cute!! (source)


  1. Wow! What patience!! I don't think I would have the patience for it!!! (I wonder how much they paid for a cake like that???)

  2. Looks fabulous! Very artistic.


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