Art Friday: Dmitri Levin

Artist: Dmitri Levin
Born 1955, Morshansk, Tambov Region, Russia

Dmitry’s choice of artistic career was influenced to a great extent by his father, Ilya Philippovich, who was born in a family of Russian gentry that suffered from Soviet repressions.

In 1997 he became a member of the Russian union of Artists.

These are fast become a favourite of mine - the spring and summer paintings are just so lovely, there is something very serene and peaceful about them.

Roofs of St. Mishel

Spring in the village
Poppy flowers near Warsaw city

Rain the park

I hope you have enjoyed these. The summer paintings are just my favourites - so refreshing and peaceful - here is another one for you to enjoy.

On the banks of the lake


  1. Lovely. Gorgeous sense of light!

  2. Ohh!! Those are SO beautiful and peaceful!! :)

  3. Replies
    1. There was too many for my decide on just one fav!

  4. This artist paints like photography, only it is much more vivid! I had not know about these painting previously and am so glad you did a write up about them.

    1. I just love this man art and would love one on my wall. The paintings are so happy and cheerful. Glad you like him.


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