Art Friday: Summer cats

Farm summer by Fred Swam
Summertime cats

I don't think I could get to the end of summer without including a page on cats enjoying the sunshine!!  For all of you who don't like cats, some of these paintings are quite lovely regardless of the cat and often the cat is very small!

There's no need for a piece of 
sculpture in a home that has a cat.
(Wesley Bates)

Artwork and idea is sourced from: link

by Dmitrij Levin
by Dmitrij Levin - this is one of my favourites:) I can almost feel the coolness of the path on a warm summers day.
Persis Clayton Weirs
Summer Afternoon by Persis Clayton Weirs
Unexpected company by Jim Daly
In the garden by Alexey Zajsev
Summer cat by Fred Swan
Summer Valerij Khlebnikov
Cats in the laundry basket by Brownd Elizabeth
Oh, Summer by Elena Hlebnikova
by Non Grigorij Losev
Dianne Whitney-Searle
Debbie Cook
Cat in the field by Lidia Dinner
Siesta by Ljudmila Navrodskaya
And for anyone enjoying winter - here is a "winter cat" just for  you.

Zoya Chernakov


  1. All very catty cats. Lovely. ☺

  2. I really enjoyed this post. There are some really lovely pictures among them. My favorite is at the top. I would love to have a print of that, but in searching around for it it appears hard to find. Thank you for sharing these. :-)

    1. Did you try -

      I also really liked it:)

    2. I did look there and couldn't find anything. I did find the picture I wanted in a set at another site, but it was expensive. Doubt I'll ever own that. :-)

  3. The one called "Unexpected Company" with the little boy is just TOO cute. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really like "Unexpected company" and the house one - "Summer cat". :)


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