One of those things that annoy me!

How true is this quote - have we reached this point yet? I do wonder sometimes.

The photo below is a very familiar sight if you have teenagers with phones and friends. 

There is nothing more annoying than people on mobile phones in a social setting eg with a group of friend out for meal etc. Will the world end if they ignore or turn off their phones every now and again.  I don't mind if its an important call (children, husband, bank etc) but most often its just friends wanting to chat (or send SMS).

At Christmas time I walked into two different stores and on both occassions the young sale assistants were on their mobile phones chatting with friends. It wasn't hard to work out it was friends by the way they were talking. It wasn't a good look for the store and I had to wait to be served.

This really annoys me and I always feel sorry for the one sitting "alone". An LA restaurant is offering a discount to diners who leave their phone at the door.  Eva Restaurant, on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, is offering patrons a 5% discount if they check their cell phones at the door. The chef and owner of the restaurant, Mark Gold, explained that it has nothing to do with diners disrupting other guests – instead, it’s about creating an environment that allows people to connect with one another.


  1. I so heartily agree!! Sometimes I choose to leave my phone at the house when I go outside or to one of the other family's houses on our property just because I can! :-) If my husband can't reach me at my phone he will call my Mom or Dad. It's not like I'm unavailable to him.

    I find it frustrating to have people ignoring or barely listening to others in a group situation too. Even "just playing at a game" instead of making eye contact when conversing doesn't seem right to me.

    But, in all honesty, my grandfather complained years ago about the same problem with television. When he did pastoral visits he would find people who wouldn't turn their set off while they were supposedly visiting, and then they would be distracted from what he was saying. One trick he used to get them to shut it off was to talk in a lower voice than the T.V. volume so they either had to turn it off or down if they wanted to hear him. Back then it was still good manners to listen to the pastor when he came to visit, so he usually won. :-)

    1. I always find it funny (but annoying) when I visit someones house and they leave the TV on whilst I am there and I have to talk over it. Its rude and it means they don't think my visit is worth turning it off for!!

      I don't leave my phone at home just incase I need it (e.g. flat tyre) and I also use the camera a lot - but I do try and not use it when I am with other people.

    2. I try to always carry my phone when I leave our own property. :-) I feel safer with a means to communicate in some situations, and I use it for my grocery lists. It's also useful for locating my shopping "buddy" when we're separated in a large store without wandering around looking. :-)

  2. I hate phones sometimes.
    Enough said.

  3. Count me in on this little soapbox too Jo!! It's just so rude to do this when you are with company-- I see it all the time and I think-- really-- are YOU that important!!!


    1. Thanks Vicki - we aren't breeding a healthy bunch of young adults if they keep on texting the way they are.



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