Remembering the house you grew up in

I was reading an online newspaper the other day and came across the headline "Remembering the house you grew up in". I have very fond memories of my childhood home because it was so wonderful, very much thanks to the effort my parents put into it.

The house when my parents first move in, late 1960s.
I grew up on a farm where my dad was a farmer and my mum taught at the local school. It was a perfect childhood.  Our house was a place of laughter, noise, 4 children (who were not perfect and squabbled with each other), a dog, some cats, loads of fun, music, extended family visiting and a wonderful mother who made our house a home and kept it all together.  I just didn't realise until I grew up how special it really was.  

The house I remember growing up
We lived in a standard 4 bedroom house, with one bathroom (where we all had to wait our turn), an outside toilet (there was also one inside), a sitting room (for Sundays and important visitors only), a family/dinning room (where we lived much of the time) and the kitchen (as in many farming homes, the centre of the house with its wood fire) plus the laundry and a small storage room built into the side of the hill where mum liked to iron on really hot days (as it was always cool) and where dad would hang the skinned carcass of a dead cow before cutting it up for food!! It wasn't grand but it was home and beautifully kept by our mother.
Building the extension - my dad and my uncle were both very handy with the saw!
I have many fond memories of our home:
  • It was full of books, every room had books in . . . a house is not a home unless it is overflowing with books!!   I love books because our home had books.
  • We had a piano where one of my brother's would play whilst we sung hymns on Sunday evenings.
  • We had a big wood fire in the kitchen and when I was young, my dad would occasionally bring in a young lamb and place in a box next to the stove to get strong.
  • The cupboards were overflowing with homemade goodies . . . my mum was a wonderful cook and made almost everything we ate, including all the jams and sauces. 
  • Music, my mother loved classical music and she would often put on a record and the house would be filled with magic.
  • The house had a warm cosy feel to it, my mother had lots of pretty things about which gave our home a lovely feel.
  • The smell of home cooked meals which was always so welcoming.
  • The sound of my mother sewing, she made most of my clothes and she did a great job ( I wasn't always grateful). 
  • The rambling garden around the house kept us children entertained for hours, my dad was brilliant gardener (still is) and he spent many many hours working in that garden. 
  • The parties . . . where do I start, we had Christmas parties, New Year parties, birthday parties and many family get-to-gethers than were so much fun.  I thought everyone lived like this.
This was house that was loved by all who lived within its walls, including those who came to stay and we had many visitors. 
The driveway leading to the front of the house had garden on either side, full of mystery and intrigue for a young girl to play in. My brothers used to ride their go-cart around the house and sometimes they would fall off!
Letter writing in the garden one Sunday many years ago!! I was 10 at that time and our garden was perfect for sitting in. I also loved to lie on the lawn on summer afternoons and smell the freshly cut lawn or stare at the sky and create animals from the clouds. 
It's isn't until you almost loose everything do you realise how much a house is a home. "Ash Wednesday" bushfires, 16th February 1983 destroyed our farm, but thanks to my parents extreme bravery (and having enough water), they saved the house.  Fires are deadly and living in the country, they are always a threat in summer and we never took them for granted.
My dad worked very hard to rebuilt his beautiful garden and his livelihood. I can still remember been driven up that driveway and seeing the devastation of what fire can do.
Taken a couple of years after the bush fire. 
My childhood home is one of fondest memories and I pray that I have created memories for my children of their childhood homes.  As mothers we create an environment that turns a house into a home.  But parents jointly bring the joy and happiness into a home together. 

What are your memories of your childhood home?

But to be honest, when I think of my childhood home, I think of all my many cousins who spent so much times with us, they too are very much part of my family. I am the baby in this shot in my mothers arms!


  1. I don't remember all that much about your farm, but it was cosy, friendly and great fun to visit! I know your parents coudln't keep it up longer, but I was just getting to an age where I could really enjoy it, when they sold it! =( Still, I do remember it!
    The house I grew up in has changed a lot since my childhood, but I still visit almost every week and it is so big and fun for the children!

    1. Its funny what memories we have of our childhoods and how important they are. may your children have wonderful memories of their childhood.

  2. This is neat! Thank you for sharing your memories!

  3. I am not old enough to remember the Ash fires, but I imagine that would be a very hard thing to have to face.
    Its so lovely to hear from someone who has positive memories of childhood :-) I think so often only bad ones are mentioned!

    1. I certainly had very positive memories and it sad that many don't or only focus on the negative.

  4. You could have picked a better picture of me where I'm smiling :) N.

    1. And I noticed your shirt was unbuttons and you are frowning. You weren't fond of photos I am assuming.

  5. I have memories of your farm... I thought it was sad when it got sold, too. But then, I'm a country girl and think it's a shame when farms leave the family.
    I have memories of our family home - fun ones, sad ones... And memories of my grandparent's home and the fun we had visiting there...
    I do hope my children grow up with wonderful memories of our family home. Must keep working on that. :) :)

    1. My children only just got to enjoy the farm before it was sold so they sadly missed out too. the visits that T made, he just loved it, going out with grandpa and see all the cows etc...


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